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October 27, 2005 18:07 - Welcome to the New PortlandNeighborhood.com Blog!

Welcome. This is the first blog entry for www.portlandneighborhood.com! Our website is brand new..only two months old in fact, and we have barely begun delivering our vision of a Portland neighborhood-focused website. Even so, the site is already getting local buzz and many pages are already rising to the top of search engines, which is very exciting and indicates the interest that people have in Portland. Here on the site, we hope to deliver the scoop on all the neighborhoods in Portland. Here on the blog and on each neighborhood web page, we will talk about Portland news, share maps, demographics and other relevant information, share information about Portland real estate, restaurants, events, schools, parks, and more! Whether you are new to Portland, just considering moving here, or a local resident, we hope that you will learn more about our great city by visiting our page. The website will develop over time, much like the layers of an onion and what you are seeing now is just the very core of what we will build upon. As more information is added, we will tell you about it in the blog so you will know where the new content is.

So, thanks for visiting, and come back and check the site often for the freshest information on Portland, Oregon!

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October 28, 2005 12:00 - Portland Halloween Fun!

First, what's new on the web page this week? The St. John's Neighborhood Webpage information has been updated thanks to contributing author and St. John's local, Caroline Smith (thanks, Caroline!). The next Portland neighborhoods to appear (under construction) are Bridgeton and East Columbia.

Also this week, the creators of portlandneighborhood.com continue to explore Portland, tooling around the city with digital cameras in hand, trying to capture images of all the wonderful neighborhoods still needing to be documented. If you don't see your neighborhood yet, don't worry, we will get there soon. Meanwhile, feel free to contribute! If you live in a particular Portland neighborhood, you are the best person to give everyone the inside scoop on what it is like to live there. Just go to our Submissions Form and send us your info!

Of course this week we need to talk about Portland Halloween Events. Here are some links for you to check out! First, you will want to check out Portland Citysearch - "To find scary costumes, Halloween parties, spooky haunted houses, ghosts, witches, goblins and more Halloween horror in Portland."

Of course you'll want to get in the mood by learning about the ghosts that are haunting our city...so check out Ghosts of North Portland, or Oregon Ghosts sites to learn more.

There is a new magazine out in Portland called PDX Magazine. Go pick one up on a street corner near you, or they have a downloadable version on their website: PDX Magazine On-Line, and check out their two Halloween related articles, "Tinsel Town - Where Portland Gets it's Halloween On", and "Haunted Portland".

If you are looking for some safe and fun family Halloween fun, go look at the Portland Parks and Recreation Website for a list of Halloween events in each neighborhood!

AOL's City Guide for Portland also has a list of Halloween events for kids and adults, lists of haunted houses and events, costume shops, and more.

Hey, did you notice that you can post comments to this blog, below? If you know of other great Portland Halloween events and hangouts, why not share the news and post it here on our blog? That's all for now, Happy Halloween, Portland!

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October 29, 2005 15:16 - What's New: Portland Monthly, Zaytoons & Baraka on Alberta Street, and More!

If you haven't checked out Portland Monthly magazine yet, and you are a PDX local, you are missing out! The Portland Monthly magazine's November issue reviews the best restaurants in the Rose City for 2005.

They list the best new restaurant as Nuestra Cocina, quality Mexican fare ( located in neighborhood Hosford-Abernethy), with runner-ups:

Italian restaurant - Ciao Vito - Concordia

New Orlean's restaurant - Acadia - Irvington

Chinese restaurant - Sungari Pearl - Pearl District

French Restaurant - Carafe - Downtown

French restaurant - Le Bouchon - Northwest

Greek restaurant - Eleni's Estiatorio - Sellwood-Moreland

Greek restaurant - Alexis - Old Town

Indian Restaurant - Plainfield's Mayur - Northwest

Japanese restaurant - Murata - Downtown

PortlandNeighborhood.com hasn't been out to sample all of these restaurants yet, but we are looking forward to it! We do recommended that you pick up a copy of Portland Monthly magazine and read more about Portland restaurants and happenings for the month of November.

This weekend's neighborhood restaurant research took us to check out two Alberta Street bars and restaurants that are creating some local buzz. Baraka and Zaytoon are definitely worth checking out.

"Baraka offers interesting Southeast Asian/Indian fare, in an Zen garden/tiki bar ambiance replete with a TV aquarium and a burbling fountain up front. ..."

And, "we think Zaytoon (A new kind of bar...) will give another locally famous bar, Mint/820 (in the Eliot neighborhood) a run for their money in the creative cocktail category..."

Read our review and learn more on the Alberta Arts District neighborhood web page.

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October 30, 2005 17:21 - Portland Fall Weekend

Today was an awesome Portland fall day. We enjoyed strolling through Belmont and Hawthorne neighborhoods...Soaked up some sun, got a little exercise and tried in vain to get a cup of coffee at Stumptown on 34th and Belmont. As is typical of excellent coffee shops, they had a nice long line!

We enjoyed a great breakfast (at noon!) at Utopia on Belmont. Utopia is a very cozy place--super friendly people and obviously a neighborhood staple (very busy). The breakfast dish (caramelized onion scramble, $8.50) was to-die-for!! Soooo good---hats off to the cook! I have to comment on the orange juice too--fantastic--and not overpriced at all.

This afternoon's Portland Neighborhood research included a leisurely stroll through the Eliot and Irvington neighborhoods. I did manage to get a good cup of Stumptown coffee at Eliot's newest coffee hangout, Tiny's on MLK. While walking, I captured some excellent fall photos, so check the neighborhood pages later, and enjoy!

Also while out and about, I ran into a guy from PGE who was doing some marketing for PGE’s Renewable Energy programs (PGE’s Clean Wind, Green Source, Healthy Habitat).

I don’t have PGE (I’m in Piedmont and have Pacificorp) but picked up a flyer anyway and did a little reading. I was really surprised to see that Burgerville uses 100% wind power...Very cool, extremely responsible and a great example for everyone to follow!

A few programs you might be interested in checking out below. Unfortunately, I could not find a link but did find an email address to getting more information: renewables@pgn.com PGE’s Clean Wind Green Source Healthy Habitat

And for those of you that do not have PGE but are interested in renewable energy, take a look at Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program

As always, your comments, feedback and input to the website are always welcome. Post comments below, or go to our Submissions page.

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October 31, 2005 10:35 - Portland Home Winterization Tips

Hello, Portland! It's that time of year...I woke up this morning to the sound of wind, and rain falling on my roof. This is proving my own personal rule of thumb for Portland weather, "You can count on the rainy season to start on October 31st". Yes, Portland, if you have procrastinated as I have, it's time to winterize your home now.

Here are some Portland Home Winterizing Tips:

  • Check your downspouts and drains to make sure water is draining properly. If necessary, clean your gutters.
  • Disconnect garden hoses, and cover outdoor water spigots and insulate pipes if necessary.
  • Insulate your hot water heater with an insulation blanket.
  • Have your furnace inspected and serviced annually for optimal maintenance and operation. At a minimum, replace your furnace filter. They recommend you do this monthly during the winter to insure good airflow.
  • Seal all possible leaks around doors, floors, walls, ceiling, ductwork, and windows. A little weather stripping and caulk could save you a lot on your heating this winter!
  • Check to make sure your home has adequate insulation. Add more if necessary.
  • To save on heating costs, set your thermostat between 65-70 degrees when you are home, but while you are away you can lower the temperature even more than that by using an automatic programmable thermostat.
  • Other tips to consider include updating appliances to more energy efficient models. You could even potentially get a tax break!
  • Finally, if you've been outside today, and you live in a heavily treed neighborhood as I do, you will have realized it is time to get outside and rake up those wet leaves! Be certain to clean walkways and steps in preparation for those ghouls and goblins out trick-or-treating tonight.

    If you need some practice on carving your pumpkins, click Here, and give it a whirl!

    Happy Halloween, Portland!

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