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July 2, 2006 19:48 - Portland's Alberta Arts District

So much has changed over in the "Alberta Arts District" in the last year. Its simply amazing to pop over for a cup of coffee or breakfast and see the hub bub and the movement over there. Many of you know that the area that is so frequently dubbed as "Alberta" or the "Alberta Arts District" isn't actually a neighborhood, so to speak. It got its name because of the ever so busy and popular Alberta Street which is located in the Concordia and King neighborhoods.

PortlandNeighborhood recently spent an afternoon enjoying Alberta and are pleased to announce a fresh new look at Alberta on its neighborhood page.

Here are just a few highlights...

Cork-- We love this new wine shop! Been there? Its a MUST visit! Helsers-- We still love your breakfast...don't ever change! Siam Society-- A meal with you has raised the bar on Thai food! Close Knit-- I can't wait to join you on "knit night"! What a great new(er) shop! Concordia Coffee House-- Man, oh man, do I love your coffee...and the attached vintage clothing shop.

Drop over and check out Alberta's new page for fresh new pictures and a closer look at wonderful places like Cork, Helsers, Siam Society and more!

We are busy updating other neighborhoods so make sure to check back frequently. We would love your feedback and ideas on ways to make PortlandNeighborhood.com the best online neighborhood resource for Portland. Talk to us!

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July 4, 2006 01:46 - Happy 4th of July, Portland!

Howdy Portlandia,

Well, it's officially here...Happy 4th of July! I remember this being a special holiday for me as a kid. The yearly trip to pick out fireworks with my family and friends was a much looked forward to event. I can recall lots of good times but a few really close calls. Have fun today-- but be careful!

Safety tips for those with kids:

Check with the local police or fire department to determine local fireworks ordinances and permissible uses of consumer fireworks.

*Never* ignite fireworks in glass or metal containers. Flying glass and metal can cause serious injuries.

Never use homemade or modified fireworks.

Make sure to supervise older children constantly while they are setting off fireworks.

Do not allow young kids to set off fireworks. Young kids can become very excited around fireworks causing them to mishandle or drop the fireworks.

Select only those fireworks which are legal and are in good condition. Inspect fireworks for signs of powder leaking, age or exposure to moisture.

Make sure to visit www.recalls.gov to check for fireworks that have been recalled.

Tips for those with furry kids (pets): Don't forget about your four-leggers...Most dogs are very anxious and upset by fireworks. Try to keep them in the house and away from the noise.

Be wary of leaving your dog outside and unattended during the holiday. I hate to sound like the prophet of doom, but I have heard of some terrible pranks involving helpless dogs and fireworks....;-(

Make sure your dog's collar is on and ID tags are current. The 4th of July is a very popular "dog escape holiday'. When dogs are scared or upset, they often try to "get away".

Last but not least, make sure Fido has plenty of water today. Dogs tend to drink a lot when they are nervous.

Are you heading down for the last day of the Waterfront Blues Festival? The events start at noon and run until the fireworks display at 10pm. There are a few dozen performances lined up today-- stop down and enjoy yourself

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July 5, 2006 12:21 - Portland's First Thursday

Here's hoping this finds you all doing well. From the sounds of things last night, Portland had one heck of a 4th of July!! Hope it was fun (and safe) for all!

Have you ever joined the masses for "First Thursday" otherwise known as the "Gallery Walk"? If not, why not head out tomorrow night, July 6th, and see what you've been missing? There is simply no better time than in the summer to enjoy a gallery stroll...For those of you who have never heard of it, First Thursday is a local Portland event that takes place the first Thursday of every month (hence the name!).

Cost: Priceless (free!)

Where: Almost every gallery in Downtown and Northwest Portland

When: Start around 6pm (some open as early as 5) and stroll gallery to gallery, enjoying art, wine and music.

How do I learn more? Check out this great resource for more information: http://www.firstthursdayportland.com/

See you there!

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July 6, 2006 17:35 - Lookin' Good in Portland

Hello Portland,

Weird weather we are having, huh? It was actually chilly last night and strangely cool today. The weather reports say warmer weather is upon us yet again starting tomorrow (yay!). I don't know about you, but this is the only time of the year I really have energy for landscaping, outdoorsy chores and all that stuff that is so much easier when its warm outside. Tomorrow I begin a backyard make-over project, which of course makes me think about the house as a whole and "curb appeal". Don't get me wrong-- I'm not selling, but I do like to have a cute house.

Ideas for creating curb appeal for any home or condo.....

Spruce up the exterior paint or repaint the house. Add multiple trim colors-- the result is so attractive.... Consider doing it yourself-- with a paint sprayer and a little bit of education and dedication, you'd be amazed at how quickly it goes and how much money you can save. Think about recycled paint. Metro's recycled paint is simply awesome: it's cheap and has fantastic coverage.

Add pots to your existing yard and garden. It's amazing how much a few tastefully decorated pots can add to the beauty of your yard and garden. Clay pots are typically the best and the cheapest. I found some nice, large ones at Fred Meyer for less than $10 a piece.

Plant a tree or shrub....I love nothing more than looking out the window and enjoying a diverse collection of trees. Each one has different attributes and can be enjoyed throughout most seasons.

Replace old exterior light fixtures and consider adding some well-placed landscaping lights. I have found some great deals on Ebay-- perhaps you will, too!

You can add a great deal of beauty and value to your home without spending a ton of money...We all know the Portland summer is over in a blink of an eye-- why not create something now that you can enjoy all year long?

See you at the Last Thursday Gallery Hop (tonight!)...

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July 7, 2006 09:55 - Portland...Heads up on big news on Hayden Island!!

Portlanders...We received a note this morning that we wanted everyone to be made aware of.

"Moratorium for Hayden Island

Greetings to all!

We attended the meeting last night on Hayden Island concerning the development of a Wal-Mart at the old Thunderbird Hotel location. Commissioner Sam Adams will be proposing a temporary moratorium- a development delay- to give Hayden Island a chance to develop a neighborhood plan. The best analogy that we heard was the fact that if a "big box" store goes in, traffic will be like it is at Christmas time....everyday!!!! There will be a meeting at City Hall, Wednesday, July 12 at 3pm located at 1221 SW 4th Avenue. They are urging everyone that can attend to please do so. If you can not attend, please contact Mayor Potter with your pros or cons on this subject at 503-823-4120 or the Opinion line at 503-823-4127. There is also more information at www.commissionersam.com or you can e-mail Sam Adams at samadams@ci.portland.or.us

We are trying to pass the information along without bias since many of you have asked us about it. Now would be the time to speak up and if you have the opportunity to attend the City Hall meeting...go for it! It directly affects where we live!"

Have a great day, Portland-- enjoy the summer-- its here again! ;-)

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July 8, 2006 10:43 - PortlandNeighborhood says Thank You

Dear Portland,

August will be mark PortlandNeighborhood's one year anniversary. It's so exciting to look back over the year and relive our experiences...all of the great people we have met, new businesses we have stumbled across and loved, all of the great things we learned about Portland so we could share it with you, the struggle to overcome technology (and yes, sometimes even ourselves!) to get new content and features on the site....Ah...;-)

We are so jazzed and so thankful that we can say we now have 10,000 unique visitors (and still growing!) per month! Thank you, Portland! And-- a big thanks to all of our readers across the US and international!

We have big plans for the site in our second year. Most of this will come in the form of new pictures, new content, cool new features-- and we do have a few surprises up our sleeve so make sure to stay tuned. We always announce new features and content via the blog but if you are in love with a certain page or neighborhood, make sure to RSS it so you are notified of changes!

We have a simple request for you today, Portland...Please drop us a line and let us know what you want to see in PortlandNeighborhood in its second year.

More focus on a certain neighborhood?

More focus on Portland parks and recreation?
More focus on arts or entertainment?
More information on visiting Portland or moving to Portland?

Make sure to let us know-- whether or not you give yourself credit, a lot of the great functionality we have today is a direct thanks to those who asked for it! We are happy to serve....ask away!

Well, I'm headed down to the Saturday Market and off for a lovely afternoon of watching my Nebraska relatives swoon over "Portland this" and "Portland that"! Oh, I love seeing Portland through someone elses eyes!! ;-) Have a great day..i

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July 9, 2006 11:51 - Portland Performing Arts

 July 12 - Instigators with the Joe Cocker Dancers


 July 19 - Dirty Martini 
 July 26 - Lions of Batucada

photo by Dan Crates

 August 2 - The Stolen Sweets

photo by Sarah Henderson/Sirena Pictures

 August 9 - The Sort Ofs

photo by Kristiana Weseloh

 August 16 - "O.B." and I&I 
 August 23 - Amelia

photo by Brian Lee

 August 30 - 3 Leg Torso

photo by Eugenia Vasquez


 Full bar, summer menu and table service begin at 4:30pm each Wednesday

  Portland Center for the Performing Arts & Portland Saturday Market host the 3rd annual weekly celebration of the arts every Wednesday, July 12 through August 16.

The third annual Summer Arts on Main will again feature arts, crafts, music, face painting, food and free hands-on arts activities for children in the heart of Portland's Cultural District. Located on Main Street between SW Broadway and Park Streets (next to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall) will be a hive of arts activity on Wednesdays, 10am – 2pm, July 12 through August 16.

Summer Arts on Main runs concurrently with the Portland Farmers Market in the Park blocks providing an expanded offering of activities. Summer Arts on Main also brings artisans from the Portland Saturday Market to showcase a wide variety of arts and crafts.

The Oregon Humane Society will be a highlight on July 19 and August 16 with their popular and kid-friendly Adoption Program.

 Portland Center for the Performing Arts  -  1111 SW Broadway, Portland OR 97205

PCPA box office - 1111 SW Broadway, open Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm




This email was sent to you by Portland Center for the Performing Arts, 1111 S.W. Broadway, Portland, OR, 97205. You are receiving this email advertisement because your email address was used for a ticket purchase or you signed up via our website. You may update your account preferences or unsubscribe through our website, or contact us at mmmail@pcpa.com.

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July 10, 2006 10:47 - Portland's Kells Irish Bar

I spent last night sitting outside Kells in downtown Portland. Kells was hoppin' for a Sunday evening-- most of the seats outside were snapped up and the main floor was nearly packed (though not standing room only like on a Saturday night). Kells has some of the best Guiness on tap-- oh, and don't forget Boddington's, too! We enjoyed the live music from a distance and snacked on some great Irish fare...Someone mentioned to me that Kells is supposed to be one of the most famous Irish bars in the US. I've never heard that before and it's got me wondering...

Indeed, Kells is a fine way to spend an evening...Here are some highlights:

Live music 7 days a week (you might even catch some bigger international acts and my favorite, pipes and drums!)

Host of the Portland St. Partrick's Irish Festival (largest on the West Coast)

Very popular local sports bar (soccer and more!)

Locally famous cigar room

Northwest's largest selection of single malts

Ok...so maybe Kells is nationally renowned! ;-) Personally, I love the live Irish music and the cheap ($4!) Guiness glasses....

Kells is at 112 SW 2nd in downtown Portland, Oregon

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July 12, 2006 08:04 - Portland's Por Que No brings you this message...What are you doing this Saturday?


Summer anyone??? It is time for the annual Mississippi Street Fair! I had just opened when the street fair happened last year and it was a blast....This year I have taken part in some of the planning, including setting up the dance stage which will be right in front of Por Que No.....The dance stage is going to be showing some great performers including Chata Addy, Urban Arts Youth, Mariacella Devine, Samba Soul and Concentric Tango, and all of them are excited to be performing in such a great community event....i have attached the times for performers to this email or you can download a map and event list at:

Click here for more info on the Mississippi Street Fair....happening' in a neighborhood near you on July 15!!

We will also have what I am calling a Margarita "Swim-up Bar" on the street....I am going to have tables sitting in wading pools for anyone to sit down and enjoy a marg or fresh juice while watching some dance. Luckily the weather is calling for mid 80's and not the rain we may see tomorrow.

Also*************************we now have two sizes for margs!!! We have our regular size, and a MARGARITA IN A PINT!

We also have it for happy hour prices(3-6pm), so come and enjoy a larger size so that you don't have to head back to the counter half way through your tacos! In fact, it's Tuesday night, so they are on special for Taco Tuesday all night!

Thank you everyone, hope to see you on Saturday!

Cheers, Bryan

Bryan Steelman

¿Por Qué No? Taquería

3524 N. Mississippi Ave.

Portland, OR, 97227

work: 503-467-4149

Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

Happy hour 3pm-6pm every day

Brunch items 11-3 on Sat & Sun

Taco Tuesday every Tuesday 3pm - close"

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July 22, 2006 18:16 - A good way to beat the heat in Portland....

Cool Portland Theaters to Visit Today

Whoa, Portland--it's hot out!  So, if you didn't manage to escape town to the coast or gorge to find a little cooler temps, then you are stuck in town in the blazing summer heat today.  Take care to stay cool--drink plenty of water, and stay indoors (or wherever you can find a cool spot) if at all possible.  A good place to be on a hot summer day is a movie theater.  Here's the rundown of some cool Portland Theaters you might want to go check out today.  For movies and showtimes, click the links.  And, since theatres are likely to be packed today, to avoid lines at the mainstream theatres, go to www.Fandango.com to purchase tickets ahead of time.


Northwest Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium - 1219 SW Park Ave 503-221-1156

Northwest Film Center's Guild Theatre - 829 SW Ninth Ave. 503-221-1156

Regal Pioneer Place Stadium 6 - 340 SW Morrison St. 800-326-3264

Regal Fox Tower - 846 SW Park Ave. 503-326-3264

Regal Broadway Metroplex - 1000 SW Broadway, 503-326-3264

OMSI Omnimax Theatre - 1945 SE Water Ave.

Avalon Theatre - Portland - 3451 SE Belmont St. 503-238-1617

Bagdad Theatre and Pub - 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 503-225-5555

Laurelhurst Theatre - 2735 E. Burnside St.

Clinton Street Theatre - 2522 SE Clinton St. 503-238-5588

Moreland Theatre - 6712 SE Milwaukie Ave 503-236-5257

Roseway Theatre - 7229 NE Sandy Blvd. 503-287-8119

Cinema 21 Theatre - 616 NW 21st Ave. 503-223-4515

Mission Theatre and Pub - 1624 NE Glisan 503-225-5555

Hollywood Theatre - 41st Ave at Sandy 503-281-4215

McMenamins Kennedy School Theatre - 5736 NE 33rd Ave. 503-249-7474

Regal Lloyd Mall 8 - 15 Lloyd Center 503-326-3264

Regal Lloyd Center 10 - 1510 NE Multnomah St. 800-326-3264

Portlander Cinema - 10350 N Vancouver Way 503-345-0300

St. Johns Theatre and Pub - 8203 N Ivanhoe 503-283-8520

St. Johns Theatre I and II - 8704 N Lombard St. 503-286-1768

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July 30, 2006 09:54 - Last day of the Portland Brewfest

Howdy P-Town,

It's a nice cool morning out there....my mind and body just cannot adjust to a Portland that is not 1-billion degrees...what is there to do on such a fine Sunday? I have an idea...

The 19th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival!

Bike or take the max down to the waterfront anytime today between 12 and 7. You don't want to miss this awesome event!

"Welcome to the 19th annual Oregon Brewers Festival, regarded by many as one of the finest craft beer festivals in the nation. Each summer, the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon welcomes more than 50,000 beer lovers to the four-day event. Aficionados come from all over the country and the world to experience this grassroots festival, which began as a way to expose the public to microbrews at a time when the craft brewing industry was just getting off the ground."

What breweries will be there? Here's just a few that caught my eye:

Amnesia Brewing

Big Sky Brewing (hail Montana!!)

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

New Old Lompoc

Terminal Gravity Brewing

Have a great time-- see you there!

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