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March 4, 2007 22:21 - Random blatherings from Portland, Oregon

What's new, Portlanders?

Hmmmm, lets see....Total lunar eclipse, the grand re-opening of our beloved Saturday Market, a fantastic spring-like day (sun, warmth, 60 degrees, yeah!!!)...The sun rises earlier and sets later-- yes oh yes, spring is on the way!!!

I spent all day poking around my yard, trimming, planting, and enjoying the vitamin D.  Hopped over to Pistils Nursery and headed home with a new tree (curly willow) and some black mondo grass. Spent the rest of the day yearning for more days just like this one!

What else is new, you ask?  Well, we stopped over to Vindalho (pronounced Vinda-loo) over a few nights ago and had an absolutely incredible meal. Expect a full write-up in a few days. We ate a lot so there's a lot to write! ;-)

Well, have a great Monday. The weather gods are predicting clouds with some sun spots and nearly 60 degrees tomorrow....Anything beats rain, rain and more rain...

Take care and check back for our raving (happy) review on Clinton Streets Vindalho...

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March 7, 2007 19:12 - Best Fence Guy in Portland!

Hey, Portland, are you looking for someone to build or replace your fence? Then we have the recommendation for you! We've all searched www.craigslist.org for that person to help us with yard work, construction projects, etc...and to be honest, sometimes it is a little hit or miss. This time, I found a "hit". Jason Wishert of Embassy Enterprises will build you a great fence, and combine that with that rarest of qualities--excellent customer service and follow through. Not to mention, great prices! I had a large pear tree come crashing down into my yard in Portland's last big windstorm, and it took out part of an old cedar privacy fence. So, I emailed Jason from his ad on craigslist, and within a couple of hours Jason had returned my email with a phone call, came out to the site to quote the job, and within only days I have a brand new, beautiful cedar privacy fence. Some things about Jason: he cares about quality and enjoys building fences! Jason will pay attention to details and takes pride in doing the job right.

So the next time you are looking for someone to build your fence, give Jason a call. Jason's CCB number (licensed and insured) is #141629. You can look him up online at www.ccb.state.or.us. Just click "check on a contractor's license", type in his number and read about his work (no complaints!).

Thanks, Jason, I really appreciate the great new fence!

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March 10, 2007 11:40 - Portland Blooms

Hey there Portlandia,

If you were sleeping last weekend and missed the grand re-opening of the Saturday Market, you definitely want to join me in heading down there today. Live music, great ethnic foods, wonderful handmade crafts. There really is no better way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

In other news, the trees are blossoming and budding and Spring beckons!  Tomorrow begins daylight savings (yeah!!) and we gain some sunshine (ok, not always, but you know what I mean).

We heard through the grapevine that a new organic restaurant is opening up on Albina in Humboldt neighborhood in a few months. Word has it that the owner is the former sous-chef from the well known and respected Higgins restaurant in downtown Portland. We are digging in and will post the fresh scoop when we get it.

We are pleased to report we have a new writer on staff at PortlandNeighborhood.com!  Expect lots of new and exciting content soon!

Take care!

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March 15, 2007 15:25 - Portland's downtown page...born again!

New Page 1

Hey Portland,

We're ever pleased to tell you that we have a brand new Downtown Portland page!  New pictures, new reviews and well, if we are allowed to say so ourselves-- a much better reflection of all that is downtown Portland, Oregon.

Here's a little snippet to get you started:

Park Avenue Café

Been thinking about taking a few courses?  Well, must say we were schooled recently on exactly what it takes to make the prerequisite, college scene coffee shop work.  Answer: Don’t just cater to college kids, and don’t just serve coffee.  Located where the South Park Blocks meet Market, and therefore the gateway to Portland State University, this place screams college hangout.  And it is.  But it’s so much more.

On any given visit, there are the students who, if not in public, would be freebasing their caffeine.  But this genteel atmosphere requires that they sip it from bowl-sized cups instead, eyes on their laptops as their professors sit nearby arguing the merits of a maintenance versus prevention oriented society.  Next to them might be the retired couple who rents in the adjacent building complex, seated near a yuppie condo type who is “working from home.”

Stop by, take a gander and let us know what you think.

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March 15, 2007 21:01 - St. Patrick's Day in Portland....Brilliant!!!

New Page 2

You Irish? Me neither! But hey, it's St. Paddy's Day and it is incumbent upon us to go out and paint de down green, regardless!

So...Irish bars in Portland? Indeed, there are...

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub 112 SW Second Ave Portland
Don't forget to make your way over to Kells Irish Pub to enjoy a wild and crazy St. Paddy's Day. Lots of live music, dancing, cigar smoking, green beer and more. It's the annual Portland St. Patrick's Irish Festival all weekend long at Kells!!

County Cork 1329 NE Fremont St, Portland
Live music. Quaint local pub feel. Tasty Irish treats-- fish and chips divine! ($5 cover).

Horse Brass Pub 4534 SE Belmont St, Portland
52 draft brews. Darts. Locally famous. We've heard it more than a few times and we concur-- the best beer selection in Oregon.

O'Connor's 7850 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland
Located over in Multnomah Village, a quieter alternative to the hustle and bustle of our downtown bars.

Rose & Thistle 2314 NE Broadway, Portland
Lovingly dubbed "The Rat" by the locals.  Ok, ok, ok, its a Scottish pub...Don't be so quick to judge! This pub celebrates St. Pad's in style with Highland Guard bagpipers, Guinness and good ole Irish eats.

Moon and Sixpence British Pub 2014 NE 42nd Ave, Portland
Live music Friday evening and all day Saturday. Hearted outdoor beer garden ($5-$10 cover).

Dublin Pub 6821 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland
Oodles and oodles of twenty-something mayhem all packed into a great bar with a ton of beer (rumor has it a 100+ tap?). At any rate, we're sure you won't go thirsty here. Live music: Darby O’Gill, the Dunn O’Leary Trio to name a few ($10-$15 cover).

McFadden's Restaurant & Saloon 107 NW Couch St, Portland
Live music. Want a shamrock in your Guinness? See ya there!

Shamrock Bar & Grill 4919 SE 82nd Ave, Portland
It gets crazy here-- join in on the fun if you're in the area!

Go out, have fun, drink lots, take a cab home! Brilliant!

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March 18, 2007 22:29 - Portland South Waterfront

Howdy Portland,

We ventured down to the South Waterfront area this weekend and got up-close-and-personal. Check out our latest neighborhood page (So. Waterfront) and some great videos and pictures of the area!

Click here to view

Have a great week...

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March 18, 2007 22:36 - Videos on Alberta Arts, Mississippi Ave and the Pearl...

And then...more videos!

Pearl District

Alberta Arts

Mississippi Avenue

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March 19, 2007 18:31 - New Pub in Nob Hill

From one of our Portland locals (thanks!!):

Was reading through the Nob Hill neighborhood page.  Very comprehensive!  You highlight a lot of great restaurants & entertainment hotspots for that neighborhood!

I’m writing to suggest writing something about a new pub in that neighborhood.  I went there several days ago & found it absolutely delicious.  The pub name is North 45. The address is: 517 NW 21st Ave  They also have a website @ www.north45pub.com.  The pub was set in a sort of traveler’s theme with international currency on the walls, flags & such.  Pretty interesting.  They also serve mussels, which I thought was pretty weird, but they were delicious.  Also had delicious fries & some of their imported Belgium beer.

Anyway, just thought I’d give you a heads up on a new place for that neighborhood.  Thanks!

On your recommendation, the PN crew went out to North45 on St. Paddy's and had a lovely time! We'll be back and soon! Look for updates to the Nob Hill page and a few pics of N45 tonight or tomorrow...


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March 20, 2007 13:22 - Clinton's Vindalho

New Page 2

Vindalho...Spice Route Cuisine

In a word-- incredible.

Vindalho sits on the corner of 21st and Clinton in a dense retail/residential area. Like most popular little neighborhoods, finding parking nearby is nearly impossible so we suggest a very small car, moped or better yet-- foot transport ;-). The Clinton area is alive with traffic: dog walkers, stroller pushers and packs of bicyclists are out in full force.

And Vindalho was jam packed at 6:30pm on a Wednesday-- a good sign of things to come. Oh yes.

We took a few seats at the bar and studied the huge, open room. Singles, couples and families abound-- heavy plates and snazzy drinks line the tables. We peek up and spy upstairs dining in a loft-like area -- this makes a rather nice sized restaurant given the twenty-some-odd tables on the main floor. Next to the bar is a garage door that is frequently popped open during spring and summer months. An outdoor patio offers seating in good weather as well. The place has good energy and we love how cozy it all is. Even the barstool seat is comfy-- and how often can you say that?

Though there are only two of us-- we order enough for 10 people. Hey, we're starving AND we want to try a little of everything. The lentil soup comes out and my eyes roll back in my head-- wow!  I've never had lentil soup quite like this: lentils perfectly cooked and intricately spiced, topped with swirled yogurt. Heaven.

Next-- the best Somosa I have ever had in my life comes out and stuns me with insanely spiced mashed sweet potato goodness. A delicate, flaky crust seals the deal. The mint chutney is a perfect taste combo.

I'm actually full at this point, but we keep going.

My entree, the Nadan Kozhi, greets me on a bed of basmati. This Keralan style chicken curry is new to me and I'm instantly happy I ordered it. My only wishes were for more rice (order some on the side if you want a nice size serving) and heat. I like my food seriously spicy yet when I tried to order the dish "medium/hot spicy", I got a semi-wary look. Vindalho cooks the dish the same way every time and will give you a side chutney to spice it up yourself if that's your desire. That was a first for me in Indian food. All in all, the dish was fantastic-- chicken and potatoes divine!

The Pork Vindalho was the main entree of my PortlandNeighborhood dining partner. She spent her childhood in Ohio and was in heaven when she found that her dish was like "an Indian pot-roast".  This dish was by far the blue star ribbon meal of the evening- the pork was so tender it fell apart and literally melted in the mouth. I'm getting that next time-- oh yes.

Next, if you can even believe this-- we actually had dessert. The Crème Brule (a long time favorite) was heart-stoppingly awesome but the spiced chocolate cake came out with (home-made?) vanilla ice cream and pineapple and stole my heart. Every bite was sinfully delicious.

I can say with all honestly I gained about 5lbs at Vindalho and it was worth every ounce. Oh, make sure you have a Mango Daiquiri -- this drink alone should make Vindalho famous!

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March 21, 2007 00:27 - Portland's South Waterfront Profile-- Alive!

We have a real treat to share with you-- an intimate look at the South Waterfront area in Portland. Never heard of it? Check it out! Want to know more? Check it out!

South Waterfront Portland

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March 22, 2007 11:43 - Trebol Press Release and Lovely Portland in the Spring

Hello Portland and Happy Spring!

Exciting news for Portland and especially those of you in Humboldt neighborhood. We have received Trebol's official press release from owner, Kenny Hill.

I was raised in my wonderful grandmother's Mexican kitchen.  However, the appreciation for what has become my passion was not then present. My grandparents didn't speak much English, so learning the language of love was a must. Much like their language, food and culture was also very important. Having an older sister who didn't have time to cook and a younger brother who was too young to contribute much, it allowed me more opportunities with my guelita (grandma) to help prepare dishes from her childhood for us. Learning and retaining her visions and wisdom has been challenging throughout the years, but I have grown with the support and direction of several chefs over time.

Formally from Higgins Restaurant, I employ practices such as supporting local farmers, sustainability and being environmentally conscious. Working as a sous-chef under Chef Greg Higgins (Jefe') and Rich Meyer was an experience that most can only dream of -- and it was mine for 4.5 out of 6.5 years. Understanding THE BIG PICTURE, Mexican traditions, culture and cuisine through the practices that have been instilled in me by mentors (Guelita, Higgins and Meyer) is what Trebol aims to provide.

Trebol is located on the corner of Humboldt and Albina in the Humboldt district. The restaurant will have a dining area, bistro area and outdoor patio seating. When I think of Mexico, great food and cold drinks are a few things that come to mind. Trebol will be all of these things: with earth-toned colors, knowledgeable, friendly staff and festive music. Our menu will be seasonal, changing periodically and using the freshest ingredients (incorporating as much organics as possible) and providing the public with vegetarian and meat options. There will be bistro fare available from 4p.m. to 12a.m. and dinner service from 5p.m. to 10p.m seven days a week. We plan on opening our doors early summer 2007 and looking forward to seeing all you foodies very soon.

And, last but not least--  here is a view of Portland in the spring. A must see!

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March 24, 2007 12:48 - Beauty and awe in Portland

Every year I feel reborn in Spring. I am more introspective, full of hope and wonder, a little more adventuresome. There are some absolutely amazing places in Portland to ponder and appreciate life. Portland offers some of the most beautiful places I have ever experienced.

The ever amazing Japanese Garden. My heart swims with wonder in this beautiful place. The koi ponds, the incredible detailing of the gardens. It feels like heaven on earth.

The Chinese Garden. How often can you say that you are in the midst of downtown hustle and bustle and feel thousands of years away from it all?  I am transported in this ethereal garden.

Forest Park. I feel alive and new as I walk the trails and enjoy a Portland mist filtering down on me through the trees. A stream burbles and glistens, following the path. A forest in the middle of a city. How amazing.

All of this- and more-- in your backyard. This is just a gentle reminder that its there (in case you might have forgotten as I sometimes do).


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March 30, 2007 09:36 - This weekend in Old Town China Town

This weekend in Old Town China Town

Sunday April 1:    First Sunday Family Friendly Events 

Enjoy spring in Portland's oldest and most diverse neighborhood with family friendly events to mark April First Sunday.   At 11 am Saturday Market features with a special free Portland Parks and Recreation program for kids on bird migration.   Outreach staff will involve kids in games and learning activities through 3 pm near the Food Court Stage.   At 12:00 noon, Oregon Nikkei  Legacy Center invites the public to a Cherry Blossom Walk in the Japanese American Historical Plaza. Henry Sakamoto, President of Oregon Nikkei Endowment (ONE) will lead the walk which leaves from the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center, 121, NW 2nd Avenue, and walk as a group to the Japanese American Historical Plaza two blocks away at NW Naito Parkway at Couch Street. In case of inclement weather, the event will be a guided tour of the ONLC exhibit. $3.00 donation suggested.  Free to members of ONLC. At noon, Henry Sakamoto, one of the "founding fathers" of the Plaza, will lead a history walk of the Japanese American Historical Plaza. In case of inclement weather, there will be a guided tour of the exhibit at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center.  $3.00 donation; free to members of ONLC.    Then at 1 pm, it's "April Fools Blues" Children's Concert and Blues Jam hosted by local musicians Lynn Hyde & Stu Kindsal at The Monkey & The Rat 131 NW Second Ave. Lynn Hyde rips raunchy blues lines on her harmonica and belts empathetic and direct blues vocals while her partner, Stu Hyde, fills the space with melodic guitar rifs and a clean, acoustic blues line. They are wonderful and they are local.    At 2 pm the musicians get everyone involved a blues jam for kids.  This is the fourth month in a row that The Monkey & The Rat have had a FREE First Sunday children's concert.   To find out the other First Sunday events pick up the free "Walk Historic Old Town"   brochure of the Old Town Arts, Culture and History Group.

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March 30, 2007 19:02 - New Nob Hill Neighborhood Page

Hey Portlandia,

Happy Friday!  Here's a treat for ya-- a brand new look at Nob Hill. Come on over and have a look-see (complete with videos!).


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March 31, 2007 15:12 - Lovely Saturday in Portland (and lots of new scoop)


Boy, did we have a great day-- divide and conquer style!  I hit Nob Hill for breakfast and had a lovely stroll with the dogs (fact: two Basset Hounds steal the hearts of many-- all who walk by-- over and over again!!). I then headed over to Forest Park where I was thoroughly entranced by the sprawling zen of green-- the muddy trails, new life in bloom, the raging stream providing the best natural music and backdrop over. Oooh, Portland in the spring is a-m-a-z-i-n-g

Our two other PortlandNeighborhooder's headed over to Goose Hollow and Kings Hill (we are busy profiling this area as I write this) where they strolled around, met the locals and of course stopped in and "met" various local businesses in the area.  A ton of pictures and video footage were taken and we are planning on having that up very soon (in addition to a new neighborhood page bragging up all the cool stuff we found there). I'll post a blog when its ready.

Speaking of new stuff, a new video was added to the Belmont neighborhood page. Take a look!

PS-- True to our passion of only promoting "real Portland" (the independent shops, the real local story, yeah!) we are only using Portland bands as a 'theme' to our videos. If you know of any great bands we need to know about, please let us know.


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