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June 29, 2007 11:05 - Cello's & Oregon Craft Brews

Did you know....

39% of all draft beer and 11% of all beer consumed in Oregon is Oregon-brewed craft beer? Whoa! Those numbers put us at the highest percentage of craft brew consumption in the United States!  Oregon 's vibrant (and growing) craft brew industry is home to approximately 80 brewing facilities. Portland alone is home to 30 of those breweries, more than any other city in the world!

A few of our local favorites:

Tugboat Brewing in Downtown Portland

711 SW Ankeny Street

The "Tug" is hands down one of the best venues for hearing jazz in Portland. The Tugboat is a small place with a few thousand books lining the walls, dimly lit and low key with a steady stream of avant-garde/free-improv jazz musicians. The beer is fantastic, too

The New Old Lompoc

5th Quadrant @ 3901-B N Williams Ave

New Old Lompoc @ 1616 NW 23rd

Hedge House @ 3412 SE Division


Known for killer patios, great food and a great selection of yummy local beers.  An evening on a Lompoc patio is better than just about any other therapy.

In other news, if you are looking for something really wonderful to do this weekend, we've got just the thing:

The Portland Cello Project will be putting on a big cello extravaganza this Sunday, July 1, at The Doug Fir. This will be PCP's last concert of the summer. (Which feels odd to say since it doesn't feel like summer here yet!) We'll be an orchestra of 9 for this concert.

On the program will be collaborations with local musicians Nick Jaina, Musée Mecanique and John Weinland. We will encore last week's performance of Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive (because it was just so fun with y'all singing along at the Crystal Ballroom!) We'll also be doing Vivaldi's double concerto, and a piece by Arvo Paert. As if that wasn't enough, we'll be showcasing some of recent Portland transplant Gideon Freudmann's pieces, as well as Skip Von Kuske's arrangement for cello orchestra of Wayne Shorter's Footprints.

This is all at the Doug Fir, 9pm sharp on Sunday, $7.

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June 29, 2007 16:34 - Fleas!

FLEAS!!! Flea season is unfortunately heating up, and we're always on the lookout for new ways to fight the little buggers. We've told many of you about Beneficial Nematodes, and we thought it might be a good idea to try and help you get a hold of them. What are Nematodes? Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic and live below the soil surface and like a moist environment. Looking like short non-segmented worms, these voracious predators make their way through your lawn and garden looking for food. Nematodes do not harm worms, birds, plants or the environment, in fact they are part of the environment and are found the world over.

When the nematode comes in contact with a pest, like fleas, they attack by entering through body openings or simply by boring through the body wall, once inside the Nematode will release a bacteria that kills it's host within 48 hours. They will feed and reproduce before exiting in search of fresh prey. This is an ideal time to purchase and apply nematodes to your yard, and it can really help to make sure your pets aren't picking up fleas from their own yard - especially helpful for cats that go in and out.

Beneficial Nematodes are sold live on sponges that can be stored under refrigeration for a week or two before use. A few gallons of water is used as a carrying agent. This concentrate can be applied through a hose end sprayer, pump sprayer or with the use of a watering can. Container growers can mix a bucket full and dunk individual pots. Can be used inside on potted plants that have fungus gnat infestation. 1 million covers 3000 square feet and will cost $18.95. We haven't carried them in the store before, as they have a short shelf life. But, I thought I'd offer you the chance to purchase them through us - just respond to this e-mail and let me know you'd like them, and I'll go to the company and buy however many that is. Get your neighbors in on the deal and provide even more protection for your own pets.

The source of this article is a local Portland company, Green Dog Pet Supply.

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