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September 23, 2007 22:56 - The next big thing

I don't think that bonAbode would have happened if I owned a house anywhere else. I've lived in a lot of great cities, including San Francisco, but I've never been a part of such an urban Renaissance like what is happening here in Portland.

I remember discovering Mississippi Street and thinking, "This could be a nice neighborhood in a couple of years". A couple of years turned out to be 12 months. Little did I realize that this town was brewing a caffeinated cocktail of real estate, bountiful civic pride, the spawning ground of America's 30 Something's and white tile grout powder becoming the new blow.

And I love it.

I moved here 6 years ago. 12 months after that I bought my first house in North Portland and went nuts. I tore it up, down, apart. Any which way my imagination could take me. This place was mine and I could do anything I wanted. Not too many times in my life have I had this kind of freedom. But I punched myself out. I came to realize that it was a lot more work than I thought. Time and money were precious. I came to realize that my house was about patience and contemplation. What do I really want? What do I think is valuable?

Time has passed. I continue to work on my house and watch this city blossom. About a year ago a friend emailed photos of his huge remodel project. It looked fantastic. I knew he worked really hard on it and I thought that there should be a place for people to post pictures of their house work. I now realize how impressive and difficult some of these things are to do. After asking around I realized that there was no 'place' for people to talk about their homes. Surprising. And then a few weeks later it dawned on me that if there was such a website and the content become large enough, it could be a phenomenal reference tool. If you wanted ideas about a house project, type in your search parameters and see what other people have come up with. Whammo!


With the help of two other first time Portland home owners, Charlie Johnson and Jaybill McCarthy, we built it. You can post images and content about your house. You can look at other people's postings and offer comments. If you are a professional contractor or interior designer you can post images of your work and attract new clients. And it's not just about showing off what you've done-- you can also ask for help. Post a project and explain what you need. Maybe somebody out there knows exactly how to solve the problem. As long as its within the context of a home it's fair play. Remodeling, Design, Vendors, Materials, Resources, Contractors, Anything.

If you like to talk about your house you'll like it and if it's got half the giddy-up of the rest of Portland, its going to be a smash.

Chris Cardy


September 2007

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September 26, 2007 16:38 - It's here....

Fall, that is....

Hi there, Portland Peeps....

Awesome, awesome sunny, lovely fall day!  I took a stroll downtown this afternoon and wanted to stay out there walking for hours and hours and hours. Bah-humbug to work and too-pointy shoes!

There are a ton of new postings on the real estate forum right now. You really oughtta come over and take a peek. Ross is a witty, knowledgeable guy-- we're very glad he's with us!

In other news, we have some new neighborhood profiles that will be posted soon. Make sure to check back...


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