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Mortgage Lender Portland Oregon

When looking for a mortgage lender Portland Oregon, you will want to find someone trustworthy, of course.  Given the recent bad press around some banks and lenders giving out excessively risky mortgages, then the subsequent fall out with many mortgages in foreclosure, it is more important than ever to work with the best Portland mortgage lender who can lead you through the often stressful Portland home loan process with confidence.

Finding the best Portland Oregon mortgage means assessing Portland mortgage lenders or Portland mortgage brokers to understand not only the terms of the loan, but also which types of mortgage loan options are the best fit for your financial goals and lifestyle.  This is probably the largest loan you will ever take out, so be sure you understand exactly what you are getting before you sign and close on your home loan.

A mortgage lender is the bank or financial institution who will actually fund the loan, whereas a mortgage broker is a middleman who shops for the best loan programs among available banks and lenders, then offering you the mortgages that best suit your goals.  Keep in mind that the mortgage brokers are paid a fee for their service in shopping for the best loan programs for you.  Going directly to your bank and bypassing the middleman is always an option in obtaining a mortgage, however it can be more time consuming and potentially more expensive than using a Portland mortgage broker who is aware of all the best loans and programs currently available.

It is also a good idea to get references from friends, family members, or your trusted real estate professional.  Working with a Portland Oregon mortgage lender who comes with a reference or has been established with experience in the Portland market is a good idea.  You may also search for Oregon mortgage lenders from the website, where you can also read more about mortgages.

Always understand your credit rating and pull your own credit report before shopping for a mortgage.  In some cases, there can be mistakes and discrepancies on your credit report that you will want to clean up prior to applying for a Portland home loan.  Visit this website,  to get your free annual credit report from all three major agencies.  This is the legitimate free credit report site--not one that charges fees or enrolls you in some "monthly credit watch program" for a fee. 

How much Portland home loan can you afford?  You may want to calculate your options using Loan Calculators, although your Portland Oregon mortgage lender will be able to help pinpoint this for your financial situation. 

To make your home buying process as smooth and simple as possible, you will want to get a Portland home loan mortgage preapproval.  Your Portland Oregon mortgage lender or mortgage broker will check your credit history and other financial assets to pre-determine your qualification for a Portland home loan.  Your Portland mortgage lender will provide you with a per-approval document or letter so when you are ready to make an offer on a house, the seller will be confident knowing that you are ready to buy.  You may choose to go with a different loan or lender, ultimately, than the one you are pre approved through, but at least you will already have peace of mind knowing you are able to be qualified for a mortgage.

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