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Plastic Surgery Portland OR - Plastic Surgeons Portland Oregon

Plastic Surgery Portland OR - Plastic Surgeons Portland Oregon Guide.  Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and reconstructive surgery can all be used to enhance appearance and restore functionality.  All of our faces and bodies are subject to changing appearance caused by age, gravity, weight loss or gain, child birth, and other medical diseases and conditions.  An auto accident or other illness can also cause unwanted changes or scarring to the face or body.  Fortunately, Portland OR plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic procedures have come a long way and can be used to enhance or restore appearance and functionality of the body.  Portland offers many skilled plastic surgeons who provide a wide range of services.  Listed below are some Portland plastic surgeons and cosmetic centers located throughout our Portland neighborhoods, and some of the common procedures that are available.  

Map of Plastic Surgery Portland OR - Plastic Surgeons Portland Oregon

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  • Pearl Medspa
    1339 Northwest Couch Street
    Portland, OR 97209
    (503) 946-3888

    Dr. Richard Bensimon, MD
    120 Northwest 14th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97209
    (503) 771-1883

    Portland Plastic Surgery
    1040 Northwest 22nd Avenue
    Portland, OR 97210-3066
    (503) 288-9646

    Dr. John Lee
    2363 Northwest Flanders Street
    Portland, OR 97210-3409
    (503) 228-5432

    Dr. Zegzula Daniel, MD
    1040 Northwest 22nd Avenue
    Portland, OR 97210-3066
    (503) 288-9646

    Dr. Jerry Nye, MD
    2222 Northwest Lovejoy St.
    Portland, OR 97210-5102
    (503) 274-4865

    Pearl Women's Center
    120 Northwest 14th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97209-2642
    (503) 771-1883
  • Lovejoy Surgicenter
    933 Northwest 25th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97210-2866
    (503) 221-1870
  • Rejuvenation Medical Clinic
    2525 Northwest Lovejoy Street, Portland, OR 97210-2865
    (503) 973-5545

    Dr. Geoffrey H. Buncke, MD
    1040 Northwest 22nd Avenue
    Portland, OR 97210-3097
    (503) 973-5000
  • Dr. Karen Kuehl MD
    1015 Northwest 22nd Avenue
    Portland, OR 97210
    (503) 413-7260

    Dr. Kathleen Waldorf MD
    501 North Graham Street
    Portland, OR 97227

    Laser Cosmetic Solutions
    2248 Lloyd Ctr
    Portland, OR 97232-1311
    (503) 249-7546

    Northwest Aesthetics
    2222 Northwest Lovejoy Street
    Portland, OR 97210-5104
    (503) 222-1791

    Dr. Reid Mueller MD
    3181 Southwest Sam Jackson Park Road
    Portland, OR 97239
    (503) 494-6687
  • Scot A. Sullivan, MD.
    Portland Oculoplastics
    833 Southwest 11th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97205
    (503) 223-8333

    Dr. Juliana Hansen MD
    3303 Southwest Bond Avenue
    Portland, OR 97239
    (503) 494-6687

    Dr. Joel Solomon MD
    3303 Southwest Bond Avenue
    Portland, OR 97239
    (503) 494-6687

    Dr. Michael Wheatley MD
    3710 Southwest US Veterans Hospital Road
    Portland, OR 97239
    (503) 220-8262

    Dr. Ronald DeMars
    10201 Southeast Main Street
    Portland, OR 97216
    (503) 253-3458

    Dr. Bruce Webber
    Ste 532
    9155 Southwest Barnes Road, Portland, OR 97225-6632
    (503) 292-9737

    Dr. Richard Busby MD
    9200 Southwest Barnes Road
    Portland, OR 97225-6624
    (503) 297-1515

    Klein Dermatology & Associates
    9495 Southwest Locust Street
    Portland, OR 97223-6683
    (503) 445-2200

    Dr. Clifford Canepa MD
    Ste 532
    9155 Southwest Barnes Road, Portland, OR 97225-6632
    (503) 292-9737

    Portland Facial Clinic
    9427 Southwest Barnes Road
    Portland, OR 97225-6616
    (503) 297-6511

    The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery
    9775 Southwest Wilshire Street
    Portland, OR 97225
    (503) 646-0101

    Pearl District Cosmetic Surgery
    1849 Northwest Kearney Street
    Portland, OR 97209-1453
    (503) 224-1371

  • Dr. Williefred Fortes MD
    Suite 414
    5050 Northeast Hoyt Street, Portland, OR 97213
    (503) 235-5724

    Petroff Center
    17720 Jean Way
    Lake Oswego, OR 97035
    (503) 635-4886
  • Portland plastic surgeons are trained to offer a wide range of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery.  Some of the most common and popular plastic surgery procedures include a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation or enhancement, and facial rejuvenation techniques such as a neck lift, facelift, or eyelid surgery.  Here is a list of some of the commonly performed surgeries and procedures available for Portland plastic surgery:
  • Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
    Facelift, Neck Lift, Facial Rejuvenation
    Rhinoplasty - Nose Job Surgery
    Blepharoplasty - Eyes - Browlift

  • Lip Augmentation
    Hair Transplantation
    Cheek & Chin Augmentation
    Eyelid & Nasal Surgery
    Fractional Skin Resurfacing

  • Breast Augmentation - Breast Implants
    Breast Lift
    Breast Reduction
    Breast Reconstruction
  • Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck
    Portland Liposuction
    Skin Resurfacing - Cosmetic Dermatology

Choosing a Portland Plastic Surgeon - Plastic Surgery Portland OR

It used to be when you wanted to find a doctor, you would have to rely on the yellow pages or select a doctor at random.  When it comes to choosing a Portland plastic surgeon, results may vary depending on the skill level and experience.  Definitely find a board certified plastic surgeon.  There are so many different procedures, that it is a good idea to find a surgeon who specializes in the type of plastic surgery and procedures that you are looking for.  Some doctors focus on many common plastic surgery procedures, while others may specialize in cosmetic dermatology or reconstructive surgery, for example.  Also, there are now many review sites where you can read other patient's opinions of the physician's care.  Read some reviews to get a better sense of how other patients felt about their care.   It is also a good idea to get personal referrals, if possible, from someone you know.

Plastic Surgery Portland OR Review Sites - Several websites now allow patients to review their physicians.  Some of the most common ones are,, Portland Citysearch.

Fortunately, Portland has several excellent plastic surgery clinics located at several major Portland hospitals such as St. Vincent's, OHSU, as well as cosmetic plastic surgery centers that specialize in specific treatments to treat skin conditions and enhance your appearance.  The Pearl District and Northwest Portland have several excellent Portland plastic surgeons, for example.

We hope this guide to plastic surgeons Portland is helpful.  If you are a Portland plastic surgeon and would like to be added to the Plastic Surgery Portland OR page, please contact us.

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