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Portland Events Blog: This Week in Portland, January 18, 2014

Hello, Portlanders.  A trip to the Oregon Coast is in order.  Inspired by Rachel's blog and Earl's photo (see below), I find the Pacific ocean is calling me to visit, soon.   You might think winter is a bad time to visit the coast, but I think it is the BEST time.  For one thing, you might be surprised by the weather--just this past week I heard it was sunny at Cannon Beach and warmer than in Portland.  And, if you like hunkering down in an ocean front hotel or house on the coast and watching the storms roll in--well, few things are quite as relaxing as that. And perhaps best of all, you may find you have the entire beach all to yourself, as the crowds of tourists tend to visit during the summer.  I find Manzanita in particular to be a ghost town (in a good way) at this time of year.  So, if you need some solitude after the crazy holidays and insane pace of worklife after coming back and starting the new year, then a trip to the coast might be just what the doctor ordered.  

Alas, it isn't in my plans for this weekend as I have too much to do here at home in Portland. Maybe next weekend.  If you go to the coast this weekend, take a picture for me. (And, don't forget to post it in the Portland photo album so we can share it.)

Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast Photo by Lorri Ely

Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Portland

Happy Martin Luther Kind Jr day.  If you're looking for a rundown of Portland events celebrating Martin Luther King Jr day, visit this page at OregonLive where they have listed lots of Portland area events.

Pacific Pie Co's 3rd Annual Pie Making Contest!

Get ready for Pacific Pie’s 3rd Annual Pie Making Contest!
Sunday, January 19 2014

Registration 11am-1pm
Judging 1pm-2pm

People’s Choice Award tasting & judging from 2pm

at Pacific Pie NW, 1668 NW 23rd Ave Portland 97210, 503-894-9482

Categories:  sweet and savory

No registration fee

No need to register in advance

Multiple entries per person are accepted. All entries must be fully baked, ready to eat, and accompanied by a recipe.
Read more at:

Rose City Classic Dog Show 2014


Wednesday,  January 15h- Sunday,  January 19th, 2014, Portland Expo Center

Halls A,B,C,D,E +

General Public Hours
Wednesday: 7:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. (Specialty day)
Thursday - Sunday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Judging begins @ 8 a.m. daily (end times vary daily)

General Admission:
1-day ticket: $10
2-day ticket: $15

Family (up to 5 people):
1-day ticket: $20
2-day ticket: $30

Seniors 62 & up : FREE

* NO PUBLIC DOGS. All dogs must be registered in the show to enter the facility.

Parking is $8 per space, per entry. Carpools of three or more are $7.
Exhibitor parking is $7 and includes in and out privileges.

Find Directions or plan your trip on TriMet’s Trip Planner

For more information visit Rose City Classic Dog Show

For a Judging Schedule, click here.

Fertile Ground Festival 2014


January 23 - February 2, Portland, various locations

The glow of creation shines out into the dark, water-kissed evenings of winter in the Pacific Northwest.

Discover compelling indoor landscapes of many hues and disciplines cultivated in Fertile Ground. This 11-day sampling illuminates the verdant and abundant acts of creation that bubble and catalyze year-long in Portland.

Fertile Ground aspires to increase the appreciation for Portland’s lush creative culture, the artists and projects spawned right here in our native soil.

Peel open your heart, leap into new awareness, laugh in unison, uncover new understandings: GROW.   Individual shows, dates, venues and ticket information for each project can be found on the Events page

The Big Woody Barrel Aged Brew & Whiskey Festival


Jan 17-18 at Leftbank Annex

The inaugural Big Woody celebrates craft beer during the Northwest’s most prestigious wood-age beer festival January 17 and 18, 2014 at the Leftbank Annex in Portland, OR.

The Big Woody will gather the best breweries from across the West to showcase craft wood-aged beers. Brews will be judged by experts and sampled by beer lovers.  Food complimentary to wood-aged beer and whiskey will be available at the event. Get your tickets for either Friday or Saturday night from 4pm-11pm.

The Big Woody was inspired by the Little Woody beer festival in Bend, which has drawn thousands to Central Oregon in the name of specialty wood-aged beers for the past five years. Beer was originally created and aged in wooden barrels, a traditional technique the Big Woody celebrates. Wood-aging beer gives the brew a deeper, more complex character with a higher alcohol content.

Top breweries from across the West will be debuting specially produced beers during the Big Woody. The only rule is that beers must be aged in wooden barrels. Past Little Woody festivals have seen beers aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels to pinot noir barrels, creating beers including sours, Belgian-style ales and classic Northwest IPAs.

Photo by Rachel Carlson

Oregon Coast Photo by Rachel Carlson

Newsworthy Notes from Newport

What a treat to have been invited to the Oregon Coast this past week. And not just for a day trip....for FIVE FULL days. I am a VERY lucky girl and VERY grateful. As we all know, going to the Oregon Coast is respite and renewal for me. And what better way to research the area even more and make it newsworthy enough for an article.....even in the off season, it IS a possible task.

I'm pretty certain I can write about the wind at the rate I'm going.

Newport, Oregon

Nickname: The Port

Motto: "The Friendliest"

Incorporated in 1882.

Population: 13,000 or thereabouts (unofficially)

Span: 10.59 square miles

Home of: Oregon Coast Aquarium, Nye BeachYaquina Head Lighthouse and Rogue Ales.

I'm pretty certain Mother Nature did not get the memo that it was January in WINTER because OH MY WORD the weather has been PRICELESS with sunny days and temps in the mid 60's. For off season at the Oregon Coast this is pretty awesome. Most Oregon Coast beaches are best enjoyed during the summertime of course and most times easily avoided during wintertime. AHEM, naturally I beg to differ as I prefer an epic winter storm along the Oregon Coast during the winter any day. I have not been afforded story conditions during this trip...but guess what, with sunsets like THIS....I'm getting over perfect conditions. Life IS good.

While there is much to do during the winter months on the Oregon Coast I chose to 'more specifically' visit the fishing community on the Historic Bay front off of the Bay Street Pier.

I grew up in South Texas, a working bay front where we used to buy shrimp off the boats. I had NO IDEA how much of a 'working' bay front Newport was. In fact, all along the Oregon Coast from Astoria all the way to the bottom and into California....WOW. I got to see firsthand the work that goes into what fishermen, families and community do to provide us with the fish that sustains the area, the community and beyond.

I perused the boats in such a way that someone watches paint a good way...taking it all in and slowly watching how things work. It put me in a peace and calm that I haven't experienced in a long time. Something that was necessary. I marveled over how meticulous, precise and sometimes complex the maintenance and care of a fishing boat can be. It seemed like a magical and familiar yet tiring dance to the fisherman. I was very grateful to the owner of the Pacific Hunter for sharing his fishing stories with me.

An added treat was to see the Newport dock Sea Lions. Is there a more HAPPY sea animal...not a question. Good grief, I could have watched these guys for a very long time.

The sunsets all week have been pretty epic for winter on the Oregon Coast, at least the times I've experienced winter here. I had visited the Yaquina Lighthouse before yet failed to get down to the tide pools which is just below the lighthouse. And WOW, what a treat that was. I'm not sure how one raises the bar on EPIC sunsets here. We were greeted with very enthusiastic park rangers ready to show us the amazing things we could explore as the tide receded for the day. Along with all sorts of sea life so too were the towering waves that were crashing against rocks that made it just that much more amazing.

And finally, I share with you my favorite gem

of this small coastal sliver of GOODNESS on the Oregon Coast, the

Sylvia Beach Hotel.

I was very lucky and grateful to have stayed in a home that was under 100 steps from this wondrous hotel. As such, it was a treat for me to get a special invitation to come tour the hotel and take a peek at some of the rooms while they were being serviced for the next lucky guests. Much gratitude to the amazing hosts of the hotel, Dana and Charlotte, for allowing me such an adventure. It was as if I was jumping into my own writer wardrobe to share an adventure I would not ever forget.

I've heard from many about the Sylvia Beach Hotel. And what writer doesn't like a great story of a hotel that is known to attract book lovers from all around the globe. AND they often return year after year which makes perfect sense to me now that I've seen the magic. I long to have my own stay in this impeccably appointed, charming, warm and inviting hotel. I cannot precisely describe the inspiration that overcame me as I walked from one room to the next. I wandered quietly and cautiously along the halls taking it ALL in. Breathing slowly, inhaling and exhaling deep, solid breaths of goodness. For someone like me, most of you know, it is not an easy task to calm me to such levels. All the more reason for me to return.

Almost every single room had a view of the Pacific Ocean as well as the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. What a treat. Many rooms come with cozy chairs for you to simply curl up and read to your heart's content. If you forget your own books no worries, they have a well-stocked library for you to peruse as well as filled bookshelves in some of the rooms. I sat in the library for just a moment to jot down notes for this article as well as pull my own book out to read a few pages.

THE best way for this special place to be defined is in the opening verbiage of its website:

"When you walk up our garden path to the front door the old building it

will give you a big hug or spit you out…."

I'm pretty certain I experienced both of the a FANTASTICAL way.

As well as:

"Some finish manuscripts they've been writing! Some come up with grand ideas. Some just make decisions that have been so hard until now. (This is one of the great secrets of the's a perfect place to make up your mind....or a turn in your life...or resolutions! It's just such a good place to think!)"

I'll leave the rest up to you as readers and adventurers

to come and experience all that Newport has to offer.

Get here as fast as you can!!

Sincerest salutations from the Oregon Coast.

Cheers, Rachel

....notes from a nomad.

Portland Photo of the Week

Each week we select a member-uploaded photo as the Portland Photo of the Week. Earl R Thomas takes the win this week with this amazing photo of the Oregon Coast

Photo of Oregon Coast by Earl R Thomas

If you're not from around here you may be wondering if this is real.  Yep:  the Oregon Coast  really is this stunning.

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Featured Portland Events this Week

Each week, we feature a handful of member-added Portland events to the blog.  You can always add your own Portland events directly to the Portland events calendar.  Visit

Audubon Outings: Free Field Trips

November 2, 2013 to November 2, 2014Local Area Parks Audubon Outings: Free Field Trips Wilson's Warbler - Scott Carpenter Portland Audubon members and the general public are invited to attend our volunteer-led field trips listed to the left. Unless Organized by Portland Audubon Society | Type: outdoor

Cuentame Coyote

January 9, 2014 at 7:30pm to January 25, 2014 at 10pm – Milagro Theatre Journey through cold and dark desert nights with two cousins desperately dreaming of a better future beyond the iron fence that marks la frontera. Fleeing sorrow and hopelessness, they follow coyotes Organized by Martin Milagro | Type: theatre

Shen Yun

January 17, 2014 at 7:30pm to January 19, 2014 at 2pm – Keller Auditorium Embark on AN EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY across 5,000 years of Chinese civilization! From ancient dynasties to the modern day, witness inspiring stories and legends come alive on stage. Organized by Xiaoyang Wang | Type: chinese, dance, show

Portland Revels presents: ViVoce Women’s Ensemble Tales of Winter's Garden

January 18, 2014 from 7:30pm to 9pm – At St. Michael and All Angel’s Episcopal Church ViVoce performs folk and classical choral material in the Revels tradition, weaving past with present through song and story.  Led by Bennett Bailey, Music Director, andJamie Lynn Webster, Ph.D., Ass Organized by Debby Garman, Portland Revels | Type: concert

Portland Revels presents: ViVoce Women’s Ensemble Tales of Winter's Garden

January 19, 2014 from 4:30pm to 6pm – At St. Michael and All Angel’s Episcopal Church ViVoce performs folk and classical choral material in the Revels tradition, weaving past with present through song and story.  Led by Bennett Bailey, Music Director, andJamie Lynn Webster, Ph.D., Ass Organized by Debby Garman, Portland Revels | Type: concert

Marti Mendenhall Sings "Love in Winter" at Ivories Jazz Lounge

January 19, 2014 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm – Ivories Jazz Restaurant and Lounge Ivories features Marti Mendenhall in a very special show, “Love in Winter.” Chase away the winter chill as Marti sings jazz standards that sizzle, passionate ballads that speak the language of love, Organized by Marti Mendenhall | Type: jazz, concert

Portland Revels Winter Pub Sing in honor of Poet Robert Burns

January 26, 2014 from 6:30pm to 9pm – Lucky Lab Beer Hall While trivial pursuit games and spelling bees are gaining popularity as pub entertainments to accompany brew sipping, Revelers have long known and practiced the heartening benefits of community singi Organized by Debby Garman, Portland Revels | Type: community, sing-a-long

Echo Us Live At Jimmy Mak's

January 28, 2014 from 6pm to 11pm – Jimmy Mak's Echo Us performs their acoustic blend of World / Folk / Classical fusion, opening for The Mel Brown Septet. Echo Us is an Independent Music Award-Winning (Best Eclectic) studio project, and live duo Organized by Jimmy Mak's | Type: musical, performance

Medicare-fully Fabulous!

February 6, 2014 at 7:30pm to March 2, 2014 at 2pm – Sanctuary @ Sandy Plaza Medicare-fully FABULOUS! plays at The Sanctuary @ Sandy Plaza 1785 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97232   February 6-March 2, 2014 Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30pm, Sundays at 2pm No show on Sunday, Febru Organized by triangle productions! | Type: theatre

2014 Yard, Garden & Patio Show

February 28, 2014 to March 2, 2014Oregon Convention Center Yard, Garden & Patio Show 2014 Kicks Off Spring Gardening Season, Designer’s Challenge is Introduced Top Landscape Designers & Contractors, 40 Free Seminars, Hundreds of Ideas     What: Febru Organized by Beverly Brooks | Type: garden, showcase

The Best Deals in Portland This Week

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The Best Deals in Portland This Week:

January 13th - January 20th

1.  2915 NW LURAY TER Portland, OR 97210



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2. 2141 NW DAVIS ST Portland, OR 97210



Click The Image To See The Full Listing

3. 4536 SE WOODWARD ST Portland, OR 97206



Click The Image To See The Full Listing

4. 2522 SE 16TH AVE Portland, OR 97202



Click The Image To See The Full Listing

5. 1335 NE FAILING ST Portland, OR 97212



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