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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland January 26 - February 6 2013


Welcome to the last weekend of January and to another edition of your favorite local Portland Blog! It's only 52 days until spring-- but who's counting?!  If the rainy, overcast weather has you down, check out our Portland events calendar and get out and about! This weekend we celebrate the Japanese New Year! Happy Mochitsuki 2013 – Year of the Snake! It's just one big excuse to celebrate another day of living! On that note, can you believe we are a few weeks away from Mardis Gras?


Come explore and experience Portland, Oregon and the look and feel of each Portland neighborhood as you journey through the urban neighborhood profiles that tell the story of the people, places, and independent businesses who define each living community.

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Learn about each and every one of the ninety-five Portland Neighborhoods. Think of our neighborhoods like distinct little villages, speckled about our fine city. Each neighborhood is truly unique- what you find in one won't likely be found in another. Find the perfect fit for you, whether it bebuying a home in Portland or renting an apartment in your favorite Portland neighborhood.

Looking to head out and enjoy Portland restaurants & pubs?  We have a wealth of insider tips and guides for you to peruse and ponder. Want to find the best local places to wine, dine and experience?  We won't send you to a chain or big-box anything, ever. Promise.



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By Any Other: Rob Creighton Garrison

Did y'all know that, had it not been for particular air currents and atmosphere density, and maybe a thumb-muscle, our fair city might have been named Boston?


S'truth!  Co-founders Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove each wanted to name it after cities in their respective home states – Lovejoy was from Massachusetts, while Pettygrove was a Maine native.  They settled their debate with a coin toss, and Pettygrove won.  So instead of being named after a town in Massachusetts, we're named after a town in Maine.


Bah.  Boring.  Lazy!  Don't misunderstand, I'm damn glad to call Portland home, but isn't our city's uniqueness worthy of a monicker of its very own?  I think other people have felt the same way, given how many nicknames Portland has.  'The City of Roses' is the best of them, in my opinion, but sounds a little precious and a bit of a mouthful for a proper city name (and while I'm on that subject: What is up with 'THE Dalles'? Why isn't it just 'Dalles'? Was there another town called Dalles at the time and the citizens of The Dalles wanted to assure visitors they were first or best?  “No, we're THE Dalles, we're SO much better than THOSE Dalles.”  Just seems kind of snobby).


'Rose City', on the other hand, is just meh.  No crunch.



'Bridge Town'?  Uh, not so much.  Pittsburgh has 446 bridges.  Amsterdam boasts 1,725!  Bridge-wise, although we have some fine quality structures up in here, we aren't even on the map for quantity.


'Rip City'?  Please.  Any allusion to a corporate entity in a city's name should be verboten, I don't care if the members of said entity can jump higher than my head.  Might as well call us Nikeville.


'Stumptown' has a high snark quotient, surely, but I still don't care for the connotation.  Plus, four other towns use it.


'Beervana' is just silly.  It may be accurate, but it sounds like a joke.


'The People's Republic of Portland' still has the name 'Portland' in it, so isn't in the running.


                                 This was hard.  It got better after I started drinking but then I had to quit.


We can do better than any of those afore-mentioned.  I think any of the following are contenders for a name that befits this muscularly individualistic city.  What say you?


'Hopstown' or 'Foamburgh' – You have to admit either of them roll off the tongue easier than 'Beervana'!


'Jitter City' – Just watch, Seattle will try to pick a fight over this one.  Posers.


'Stripperville' – Go ahead, do a count within a six-block diameter of anywhere in town, tell me it's not a legitimate candidate.



'As Seen On TV' – They already took the best name.  (Oh Hell, just call it Portlandia. The citizens of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico changed their town's name for the sake of a game show, so why not?)


Let's get that letter campaign started!




The Portland Video of the Week


The Portland Photo of the Week

The Portland Photo of the Week is by Stephanie Lynch who shares the well-known and oft traveled Springwater Corridor which is part of the 40-mile loop in metropolitan Portland.

On the Springwater

Our Portland Photo of the Week winner gets a $20 gift certificate to a local Portland business of our choosing. This week, the local Portland business we are recognizing is Coava Coffee Roasters.

About Coava Coffee Roasters:  Coava is a family of hardworking people who are passionate about excellent coffee. We source, roast and brew the best single origin coffees in the world. What began as a dream has evolved into a roastery unlike any other.

Coava began in a garage in North Portland, where Matt Higgins roasted coffees with total precision. Because Matt had worked in the industry for a decade, he knew Coava couldn’t roast exceptional coffee without sourcing from the best farmers in the world. Today we are proud to feature single origin coffees from meticulous, hard-working farmers who take risks to work exclusively with us.

Our name, Coava, was inspired by Englishman William Biddulph, who traveled to Turkey in the 1600s and discovered that “coava” was a term for unroasted coffee, a word previously unknown in the Western world. Raw coffee is at the heart of what we do. We strive to create beautiful roast profiles based on the inherent qualities of each unroasted coffee. That’s why we only roast single origins, focusing on quality, intensity and balance in the cup.

As a result, Coava is known for roasting some of the highest scoring coffees in the world, a craft we humbly practice in our roastery in Portland, Oregon. 


humbly made


Featured Portland Events this Week

Here's the latest roundup of our featured Portland events for you to enjoy!  Mark your calendars and go ahead-- it's free to add your own!



The Best Deals in Portland This Week

By Ross Seligman

3412 NW FRANKLIN CT Portland, OR 97210 - NW District - $1.62 M

Click image to see the full listing


2036 SE TAYLOR ST Portland, OR 97214 - Buckman - $619,000

Click image to see the full listing


2413 NE 43RD AVE Portland, OR 97213 - Grant Park - $575,000

 Click image to see the full listing
1812 NE 48TH AVE Portland, OR 97213 - Rose City Park - $560,000

 Click image to see the full listing


4448 NE 90TH AVE Portland, OR 97220 - Sumner - $189,900


 Click image to see the full listing




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