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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland February 08 - February 15 2014


Welcome to the snowiest Portland blog we've had in years! I don't know about you but we adore this rare, freak of nature Portland snow storm! Favorite parts include: cross country skiing to your favorite coffee shop, people braving it on bicycles, kids being pulled on old school sleds by the family dog...these are fun times! Now, please promise us you will be super careful! If you don't have chains or four-wheel drive (or skis, heh), well don't head out there unless its on foot, ok? There are lots of accidents and many stranded cars.

PS- don't forget to feed the hummingbirds! Portland hummingbirds do not migrate. These little friends need a helping hand in cold weather like this.

Skiing to Coava

Skiing to Coava Coffee Roasters



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