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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland February 11 - February 18 2012

Angela   Another edition of the Portland Blog must mean its Saturday!
It's so hard to believe Valentines Day is already upon us. Next thing we know, the cherry trees will be blossoming and spring (spring! spring! spring!) will be here. I'm finding it ever so challenging to be patient, especially with all the sun and clear skies we've had of late. Seems as though we've settled back into the sog and mush that is to be expected for this time of year and the Worst Day of the Year --tomorrow-- shall continue to be...the Worst Day of the Year. Go forth and ride, bog people!

Paper Whites

The Promise of Spring "Paper Whites" by Julie Lynn Kelly

Need Valentines Day Ideas? If you're looking for great Valentines Day ideas for...the best chocolates, flowers, restaurants or even most romantic places (and free places!) to wine and dine that sweetie of yours, we have it all on our Valentines Day list.


The Rain, Lemme 'Splain

Profile Icon  By Rob Creighton Garrison Guest Writer


Don't threaten me with love, baby. Let's just go walking in the rain. ~Billie Holiday


If you like to read about other cities then you no doubt have already discovered City-Data.Com, and if you enjoy reading others’ perceptions regarding the cities in which they live, you’ve dipped into the forums there.


Three facts quickly become apparent when reading those forums:


• Many people love, or at least like, the city in which they live.
• Some people hate the city in which they live.
• Some people hate the city in which you live, even when they’ve spent only a day in it.


I don’t get the people dwelling to the right of that last bullet. Haterz do gotta hate, but why post eight paragraphs (if you’re lucky and they’ve bothered to actually use paragraphs; this is the internet, after all) in a forum about a city in which they’ve barely warmed an airport chair cushion? It’s not even amusing to read these rants after awhile, especially when said rantage pertains to my city.


More often than not, they mention the rain.




Here are some stats, for those of you who like them. According to this website, Portland doesn’t even rank in the top 15 wettest cities in the U.S. Yes, we have more wet days than most, as evidenced by the second list of ten cities on that page, but here’s the thing: most of those days it doesn’t rain all day, and often you can barely feel the rain when it actually is in fact raining. Our rain is mostly of the misty “haunted woodland” variety. Compare that to a typical rain event in, say, Albuquerque (another city of which I’m fond, and which provides many more contrasts than this one), a town that boasts less than nine inches of rainfall per year but which comes down in rampaging sheets that obscure visibility to within an inch of one’s nose. These are spectacular and I never grew tired of them while I lived there, but they are also more dangerous; only Albuquerque’s arroyos save it from swirling into orbit around its own downtown area. Along with these maelstroms come lightning, also very dangerous. (And for my Portland readers: lightning is a phenomenon in which electricity seems to fall from the skies. Yes, really. I wouldn’t make stuff like that up.) Mind you, I’m not dissing Albuquerque, I just offer it for perspective.


I used to dislike the rain at times, but now I embrace it. Here it comes, the thing all nature-loving die-hards here say, those people that risk being strung up by the straps of their Birkenstocks: the rain is the reason everything is so green! It’s true! Rain is also the reason for mudslides and power outages, but those are just opportunities for community-bonding and reading by candle-light. I’ve hiked and camped and ridden my bicycle in the rain and have enjoyed it all. Even when not in the mood to venture out, there is nothing like tucking into a chair with a book and a beverage, sitting by a window so that I can see and hear the rain.


There’s really only one aspect about rain that I dislike: I wear eye-glasses, and it’s annoying to have to constantly wipe them off. So I cope.


It’s turned into a kind of fetish. I’m running out of space.

The Portland Photo of the Week

The Portland Photo of the Week is by Rachel Carlson who shares what is probably the coolest photo of the St Johns we've ever seen. Amazing shot, Rachel!

St. John Bridge.

Come and upload your Portland photos to the Photo Gallery for your chance to win each week.  Rachel wins a gift certificate to McMenamins, a local Portland institution. Learn all about the wild and wacky McMenamins. We select one winner every week so make sure to check back to see if your photo was selected for the spotlight in the weekly Portland blog!



Featured Portland Events

Here are the featured Portland events this week focusing on events happening this weekend or those just around the corner! Thanks to everyone for adding all the great Portland events to the community events calendar. You can add your own Portland events directly to the events calendar for free (please read our terms of service first). Just click "Add an Event" and fill in the details.

Montavilla Farmers Market

February 12, 2012 from 11am to 1pm – East Tabor/ Montavilla The last Winter Stock-up market of the year. Come and get your winter veggies, eggs and meats while they last. Organized by Nay Shayan | Type: farmers, market




6th annual Chowder Challenge

February 25, 2012 from 12pm to 4pm – Lompoc Fifth Quadrant Lompoc Brewing has announced the date for its sixth annual Chowder Challenge, an event that determines which restaurant serves up the best clam chowder in the city. A dozen local brewpubs and restauOrganized by Chris Crabb | Type: fudraiser, beer, food


Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS & The Brain

October 16, 2011 to March 4, 2012  OMSI Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS & The Brain includes more than 200 authentic human specimens and highlights neuroscience, brain development and performance. Through respectful, aesthetic displaysOrganized by | Type: omsi, show


Exhibit: Oregon Rocks

December 31, 2011 at 10am to March 4, 2012 at 5pm – Oregon Historical Society From the jump joints of the forties; to the coffeehouses of the sixties; to the rocking, anarchic Mayor’s Balls of the eighties; Oregon has long offered fertile ground for musicians to nurture theirOrganized by Oregon Historical Society | Type: exhibit


Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats

January 21, 2012 at 10am to May 6, 2012 at 5pm –World Forestry Center Washington Park Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats Opens January 21!   "Masters of the Night:  The True Story of Bats," a touring museum exhibition produced by Evergreen Exhibitions, is bringing the mysterOrganized by Amber Morrison | Type: exhibit


3rd Annual NW Environmental Health Conference

February 11, 2012 from 8:30am to 4pm – Smith Memorial Center, Portland State University Featuring presentations from numerous national and regional environmental health experts, this conference will focus on the impact of the environment on health and healthcare practices. From water poOrganized by Nicole Staudinger | Type: conference


Saturday Imbibing Tour

February 11, 2012 from 12pm to 4pm – Portland We begin at Coalition, a small 10 barrel brewery in the inner SE where we taste their handcrafted, highly drinkable beers that reflect traditional brewing techniques and NW innovation. Our next spotOrganized by Brewvana - Portland Brewery Tour | Type:brewery, tour


Hip Happening Valentine's Bazaar

February 11, 2012 from 3pm to 8pm – Sellwood Masonic Lodge Come to the Hip Happening and find that truly unique one-of-a-kind gift for your loved one.  Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Over 45 vendors selling fabulous handmade wares! Items for menOrganized by Hip Happening | Type: arts, &, crafts,bazaar



February 11, 2012 at 8:30pm to February 12, 2012 at 12am – Bossanova Ballroom Valloween Feb 11, 2012 at 8:30 PM Bossanova Ballroom Portland,OR From the production company that brought you Wizard of OZ Aerial Arts and Burlesque comes a new production: Valloween. ValloweeOrganized by Dylan Hillerman | Type: burlesque


I Love The Zoo Overnight

February 11, 2012 at 5pm to February 12, 2012 at 9:30am – Oregon Zoo Get an early start on celebrating Valentine's Day with a special kids-only overnight at the zoo! Bring your sleeping bag for a nighttime adventure featuring guided tours, animal visitors and behind-tOrganized by Oregon Zoo | Type: zoo, overnight


Oregon Statehood Day

February 14, 2012 from 11am to 3pm – Oregon Historical Society Help Oregon celebrate its 153rd birthday by coming to OHS for free! We will be cutting Oregon's birthday cake at noon with our special guests, past Governors Victor Atiyeh and Barbara Roberts.  We wiOrganized by Oregon Historical Society | Type: free, day


Beer Love Tour

February 14, 2012 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm – Portland Are you over the lame V-day celebrations? Don’t need a day to remind you that you are single? Don’t need a day to remind you to love your partner? Then join us as we turn this Valentines Day into a cOrganized by Brewvana - Portland Brewery Tour | Type:brewery, tour


Kiss & Tell

February 14, 2012 from 8pm to 11pm – Alberta Rose Theatre Portland Story Theater is excited to present their new Valentine's Day show, Kiss & Tell at The Alberta Rose Theatre.  This will be a Valentine's date to remember, with wine, chocolate, and storOrganized by Portland Story Theater | Type: performance


Behind the Scenes Tour

February 17, 2012 from 1pm to 5pm – Portland The tour begins at Buckman Village, a small brewery that shares space with a nano brewery and a distillery, located inside a SE pub that features 49 rotating taps. After sampling beers there, we thenOrganized by Brewvana - Portland Brewery Tour | Type:brewery, tour


Portland Mardi Gras Ball 2012

February 18, 2012 at 7pm to February 19, 2012 at 12am – Bossanova Ballroom Portland's Mardi Gras Ball is back for 2012! Save the date! Saturday, February 18th at the Bossanova Ballroom 21+ Cash Bar Live music, dancing, costumes, King cake, catering by the Swamp Shack! MusicOrganized by Laura | Type: mardi, gras, ball



Portland Photo by Iron House

Creston Kenilworth Neighborhood Real Estate Report

Ross Seligman by Ross Seligman

The Creston Kenilworth neighborhood is located about a mile east of the Willamette River, in inner southeast Portland adjacent to what is referred to as the the Brooklyn Yard. This is one of the oldest areas of Portland and is in a state of constant evolution. The neighborhood is primarily residential with some streetcar era commercial buildings holding strong and functional.  To learn more, click here.


Are you keeping an eye on Creston Kenilworth or is it your neighborhood?  Check out this link for a monthly updating real estate chart for this neighborhood.

If you are looking for homes in the Creston Kenilworth neighborhood, visit this link where you can search for homes by particular neighborhood: Click Here

On to the report:

Here is the overall chart of inventory, sold, and pending for the Creston Kenilworth neighborhood in the last 15 months:

In December 2011, there were 22 closed sales, 17 pending sales, and 71 homes on the market in the Creston Kenilworth Neighborhood.

One year change from December 2010 to December 2011:

Inventory (how many homes on the market for sale): Down 21.1%

Homes sold: Down 24.1%

Homes pending sale: Down 5.6%


Chart for average price per square footage:

In the past 15 months, the average price per square footage in the Creston Kenilworth neighborhood has been between $140 and $173/sq. ft. In December 2011, the average price per square foot in the Creston Kenilworth neighborhood was $155.


One year change from December 2010 to December 2011:

Change in Price Per Square Foot:

Percentage Change: Down 2%

Days on Market, Sold/List Price:

This chart is showing us two things. First, how many days on the market that a home is spending, on average, before being sold. In December 2011, the average time on market for a home in the Creston Kenilworth neighborhood was 66 days.

The second thing that this chart is showing you is what percentage of the listing price the owners actually are getting when the house is sold.  This is a great indication of the pressure on prices.  In December 2011, sellers in Creston Kenilworth received, on average, 96% of their original listing price.

More stats for you:

Change from December 2010 to December 2011:

Time on Market: Down 7%
Sold/List price % difference: Up 4%

Average price for sale vs. average price of sold:

This chart shows us that the average listing was and what the average sale was. In December 2011, the average price of a house on the market in Creston Kenilworth was $421,000. The average sale was $346,000.

More stats over one year:

Average active price: Up 9.9%
Average sold price:  Down 1.4%

Months of Inventory:

Months of inventory gives a time line of how long it would take for all of the current listings to sell.  Anything above 4 months is considered a buyers market.  This figure is a good indicator of supply and demand.  December 2011 in the Creston Kenilworth neighborhood had 3.2 months of inventory.

By the way, this does NOT mean that it will take 3.2 months for your home to sell. That figure was, on average in December, 66 days.  Inventory is a figure that means that, if not another home were to come on the market in Creston Kenilworth from this point forward, in 3.2 months there would not be another home to sell.  They would all be sold.


In my monthly Portland real estate report, I always talk about how each individual neighborhood is a micro-market. The first thing you will notice about individual neighborhoods as compared to the overall Portland reports are that the numbers can be wildly different month to month. Basically, the bigger the pool of data you are working with, the smoother the stats become. As we focus on smaller areas, many different things can happen month to month.


If you are looking to buy or sell in a particular neighborhood, the most crucial information that you need to know is what is going on in that neighborhood. In this situation, the overall Portland market report is less important and the national real estate report is just about useless. This posting is a real estate report for the Creston Kenilworth neighborhood of all homes in all price ranges. Feel free to request particular neighborhoods in which you are interested in buying or selling and I am be happy to do a report, just contact me on this forum or at

Visit our website where you can contact us and search all Portland Metro Area real estate and homes for sale from the RMLS, including school and neighborhood reports at :

Best Portland Real Estate Deals of the Week: Investors Edition

Each week, Ross shares some cool Portland real estate deals, and it is always fun to take a peek at what Portland home deals are available.

1614 SE STARK ST Portland, OR 97214 - Buckman neighborhood Duplex - $399,000

See the full listing here


2251 SE 70TH AVE Portland, OR 97215 - Mt. Tabor neighborhood Duplex - $365,000

See the full listing here


4061 SE 36TH AVE Portland, OR 97202 - Creston neighborhood Duplex - $275,000

See the full listing here




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Downtown Portland/Willamette River

Downtown Portland by Cathy Garrison

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