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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland February 22 - March 1 2014

Welcome to the weekend, Portlandia! I have some major spring fever, how about you? I am sketching out new garden plans in anticipation of the new season. I will have hanging baskets of flowers, vegetables and herbs in addition to raised beds and plants grown along the driveway using the fence as the backbone. I love container gardens, too, and find that most veggies and herbs grow very well in containers. There is just nothing like growing your own fresh vegetables-- great for morning smoothies, salads and sides. I am one of many in my neighborhood who eschews the traditional yard for an edible and beautiful paradise. I can't recommend it enough-- join us!

Enjoy this excellent educational video on gardening in Portland, Oregon.




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Words on Woodstock

by Rachel Carlson

"Southeast Portland"

aka "SE" Portland

From time to time I am asked why I always state my 'compass location' so to speak. While I don't give you precise coordinates to my EXACT location as I go from client sit to client sit....a mobile nomad must have some anonymity as I might be care taking for local celebrities at times...true story!!

Admittedly, Portland is such where one needs to be very specific of location. I am not making this up people. I was a fast study when I first moved here and learned if you didn't SPECIFY your exact location in the city, you were for sure going to be asked, is that "NE" Portland or "SE" Portland and so on. OH, don't even get me started on the "Vancouver" WA vs the "Vancouver" B.C. or the distinction between pronouncing street names and the like...that's another article altogether...I've been working on that one since I moved here.

All that aside, "SE" Portland was the very last 'district' in my client repertoire that I had not yet visited since moving to Portland. Now that I've been in this location twice it seemed appropriate to write about the

Woodstock neighborhood.

Like did you know that Woodstock in "SE" is one of   Portland's oldest neighborhoods first platted in 1889.

Bounded on the north by Southeast Holgate Boulevard, east by Southeast 45th and Southeast 60th Streets, south by Johnson Creek, and west by Cesar Chavez Boulevard (formerly Southeast 39th Avenue).

*See there how 39th Avenue is now Cesar Chavez Boulevard....HA, yet another story altogether.

As such, some of the lovely homes in the Woodstock neighborhood were built post World War II. Heck, the Woodstock land was wilderness until the 1850s.

And did you know: "They named the subdivision Woodstock after Walter Scott's 1826 novel of the same name (naming residential subdivisions after romantic novels became "en vogue" as family names were used and became more scarce over time; Woodstock is one of several subdivisions in southeast Portland named after Scott's writings).[6] In 1893, Havely built one of Woodstock's first houses, a Queen Anne style residence on Southeast 40th Avenue now designated as a historic landmark. Havely is also credited for arranging to supply the neighborhood with electricity and water"

*Data gathered from Wikipedia on Woodstock*

It doesn't always look like's winter here after all and I visited on a rainy, gray day.

Founded in 1908, Woodstock also boasts the private and independent alma mater of Reed College.

"Considered one of the most intellectual colleges in the country since its launch in 1911, Reed is dedicated to the intrinsic value of learning and governed by the highest standards of scholarly practice, critical thought, and creativity."

*image from Reed College website*

And here is what it looks like in Spring. Thank you rain!!

My very shortlist of distinguished and notable alumni that attended Reed College:

Steve Jobs - Rest in Peace - while he only spent six months at Reed he'll always be grateful for that 'calligraphy' class that he embraced. The one said to be how the Mac had 'proportionally spaced fonts'. Thank you Steve Jobs!!

Daniel Kottke - who assembled and tested the very first Apple I

Can you tell I'm a MAC girl.

*image from Delta Cafe website*

And FINALLY, should you ever find yourself in the Woodstock neighborhood, please allow me to share a tiny food review with you...DUH, as if I would just leave you hanging sans food reviews...

There's something about Southern food that I've come to appreciate that I never have before. It's really not good unless they have red beans and rice on the menu. I mean what defines Southern food as 'southern' after all? It can be anyone's guess. I was born and raised in South Texas and that doesn't make me 'Southern'. We did BBQ and in Texas we did BBQ well. We didn't turn a knob on a contraption to 'grill'. We got up at the butt ass crack of dawn and we made a fire in a homemade pit. With wood. Mesquite wood to boot. And it was an all day event only to have dinner at 6pm later that day. And it was good. Really good.

Ah, but I digress.

Delta Cafe

4607 SE Woodstock (appropriately on the namesake street)

Portland, Oregon

Known as the Best Southern food in PDX

(I've been here three times and can confirm this accolade)

AND because I ATE my contributions to this article before I remembered to photograph them...hanging head in shame. You will just have to trust me when I say the Southern fixin's at this fine establishment are truly southern and worthy of each and every single morsel.

Enjoy y'all.

Best wishes for a great weekend ahead.

Cheers, Rachel

...notes from a nomad.





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