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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland March 2 - March 9 2013


Welcome to the weekend and to another edition of your favorite local Portland Blog!  Yes, Portland!  Spring has sprung!  Crocuses, tulips, daffodils, buds on trees and cherry blossoms all scream: "At long, long last- winter is over! Over!".  Can I get an amen?!


All the gardeners or, ahem, 'outdoor enthusiasts' (even with a green thumb, some won't accept the title "gardener") in my Piedmont neighborhood have come to life, too. After months of hibernation, we're all out assessing the new growth, trimming, pruning and amending.  Mostly, we're just happy to be out of the house, sucking in the sweet Pacific Northwest air, savoring the scent of soil and remembering how nice it feels to have dirt under our nails.  I will say, too, that I've missed the driveway and sidewalk gatherings, beer in hand on those late afternoons- oh friend, oh spring: you came just in time. I've missed you.


My backyard is like my living room so no surprise then that I would have missed it so greatly for 6 long months. It is where I spend all of my time come spring, summer and fall. It is a hidden urban oasis- my postage stamp paradise, a little plot of land that I've lovingly crafted into the retreat of retreats.  A pond burbles and the spigot creates a great bathing spot for hummingbirds. The fish are pleasing to my eye and a constant form of amusement to the neighborhood cat who, try as he might, will never catch one. The bamboo creates a home for what sounds like a million little birds. The 100 year old Maple tree creates a canopy that covers us all - on the rainy evenings, she is a huge umbrella. Is anything lovelier than a night on the deck, listening to the water, kicked back with a fire? I think not.


Cheers! Here's to the end of a season and the beginning of another. Spring! 


If you're looking for something awesome to do this weekend, head to the SE Portland Art Walk- running today and tomorrow. See you there!


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Don't forget to feed the hummingbirds!

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Portland Pixels: Rob Creighton Garrison


Let me tell you something, this blogging stuff ain't easy. Staring at a blank screen willing a lone blinking cursor to move, to begin trailing letters I hope form words that in turn clump together in sentences and then paragraphs, is at times a frustrating, nay, MADDENING exercise that often spurs me to desperate measures, flailing the google (did I just create a euphemism?) in search of a subject, any subject, that will break the knots in my synapses and clear the way for fluidity of thought and rapidity of fingers (three of them anyway, if you count a thumb).


Walk into this room on D-Day (Deadline Day), and you might be fooled into thinking all is serene, my interior silence matching the quietude of my surroundings underscored by the low hum of the CPU and the purr of a contented cat sitting 'twixt my abdomen and the keyboard. Perhaps I'll have a thousand-yard stare directed vaguely ceiling corner-ward as if in a meditation. This impression is, in all probability, absolutely wrong. I'm not serene, I'm blank. I'm the closest I can be to comatose while sitting upright. Whatever webpage is on my screen will ultimately bear no relation to what I intend to write; it's a distraction, a derailment, as is the cat in my lap and the tree outside my window. Upstairs, the cogs are spinning wildly but the gears aren't meshed. The hamster has fallen off the wheel. Static. Snow. End of the broadcast day, and it isn't even lunchtime.



Really hate it when that happens.


How lucky for us all, then, that there are other home-grown blogs to read when I fail you so utterly. I'm not proud. You wanna read some good blogs? Here we go.


Luna Café – You like food, I assume? Food that's as nearly nice to look at as it is to eat? Take a click at this blog that features regional food, gorgeous photography of said food, and recipes. My eyes tried to lick the screen. Bad, eyes. Bad!


Communist Robot – If your geek factor extends beyond light sabers and starships, this blogsite has a lot to offer the discerning cybernaut. Anything from the latest technology to the sociopolitical ramifications of an increasingly cyber-ized world may be found here. Plug in for a scan.


Portland Oregon Daily Photo – I love sharing my pictures of Portland with friends and family living elsewhere. Nothing beats personal effort, of course, but if you're like me and like to nap a lot, you can always point folks to this blog.


GL Franklyn – You might not agree with him sometimes, or a lot of the time even, but there is no disputing Franklyn's passion for disseminating and analyzing the hot-button topics of our times. Thought-provoking reading.


Beervana – It's about beer. It's about making it and loving it. And reading about it. Mmmm, beer!




BikePortland – You want to keep abreast and astride of the two-wheeled goings-on in our town, this is the one-stop shop. Seemingly nothing bike-y happens here without bloggist and creator Jonathan Maus being all over it. There's even forums in which you may opine about events and consternations.


Food Carts Portland – An empty stomach and serendipity are fine, and have led me to trying all sorts of new things. If you'd prefer to be a bit more methodical, though, this website clues you in about where all the unique, worldly, and portable nummies are.


These are but a few. Go read some. Take a week or so. I'll wait. By the time you come back I'll have conquered the innerwebz once again and have something fresh and hot and tailor-made for you.


I just know I will.



The Portland Video of the Week

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The Portland Photo of the Week

The Portland Photo of the Week is by Michael Barton who shares a shot of his kiddo at Portland cult classic, Voodoo Doughnut. This photo gets Michael a $20 gift certificate to another city classic: Powells Bookstore. "Keep books in circulation. Keep ideas alive." --Powells Bookstore

Voodoo Doughnut



humbly made


Featured Portland Events this Week

Here's the latest roundup of our featured Portland events for you to enjoy!  Mark your calendars and go ahead-- it's free to add your own!



The Best Deals in Portland This Week

By Ross Seligman


2486 NW KEARNEY ST Portland, OR 97210

- NW District -



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2104 NE 25TH AVE Portland, OR 97212


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5605 N GREELEY AVE Portland, OR 97217




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