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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland April 10 - April 17 2010

Hello Portlanders, and a happy weekend to you. Here is our weekly Portland blog with our Portland events rundown, neighborhood report, and more Portland happenings in the Rose City.  This week heralds the return of Cirque Du Soleil to Portland, this time with an acrobatic show called Kooza. It's expensive, but if you have never seen a Cirque show, it might be fun to check it out. Also, with spring in full bloom, you might want to get outside and take a trip to beautiful Trillium Creek Park, where the 30th Annual Trillium Festival is underway today.  I am feeling the need to get outside and into gardening mode this weekend, but it's supposed to be cool and rainy off and on this weekend:  still, there could be some sunny patches out there to enjoy.  In addition to gardening fun, I have also been looking forward to biking!  If you're in the market for a new bike to ride around Portland this spring and summer, then this weekend you will definitely want to head down to the Oregon Convention Center for The Bicycle Show's bike extravaganza.  See all makes and models of bicycles, including--of course, some of our own handcrafted Portland bikes. You are sure to find your dream bike for hours and hours of riding happiness throughout our amazingly bike-friendly city.  

 Whatever fun Portland events you choose to do, have a great week in Portland!

Portland Picture of the Week 

Our Portland Photo of the Week is by Solange.  This photo captures a little slice of quintessential Portland: our Saturday Market.  Thanks, Solange!  It is only fitting that this shot wins Solange a $20 gift certificate to the Portland Saturday Market Learn more about the Saturday Market.   There were a lot of great images added to the Photos section of the site this week, keep 'em coming for your chance to win.

Portland Saturday Market


Submit your local Portland photos for a chance to win a gift certificate to one of our fine 100% local Portland businesses.  Check back to see if your photo is selected for a spotlight in the weekly Portland blog!


Portland Events

30th Annual Trillium Festival at Trillium Creek Park

Spring is near and we are ready to welcome it with our Annual Trillium Festival! Each year the Friends of Tryon Creek State Park and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department are thrilled to share the beauty of our awakening forest with visitors as they enjoy this wonderful community event.

Saturday, April 10th, 2010 9:30am - 4pm  

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Cirque Du Soleil Kooza

Cirque Du Soliel is back in town with an acrobatic event, Kooza. When: Continues various times through May 16. Where: Under the Grand Chapiteau at Southwest Moody Avenue, just south of the Marquam Bridge. Tickets: $45-$125 adults, $31.50-$87.50 children 2-12; VIP tickets $250 adults, $175 children; or 800-450-1480. Getting there: The Portland Streetcar stops one block from the Cirque site; on-site parking is $10, cash only.

Now through May 16

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The Bicycle Show

In April – Bicycles are taking over the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon - Come see 100+ companies, including Bianchi, Marin Bikes, Co-Motion Cycles, Kona Bicycles, Kalkhoff Bicycles, Brompton Bicycles, Momentum Magazine, Santana Cycles, Portland Design Works, Queen Bee Creations, Rocky Mountain Bikes, Shimano, Showers Pass, Ruckus Components, Bike Portland, Joe Bike, Rickshaw Bagworks, Nutcase Helmets, Fyxation, Clever Cycles, FRS and United Bicycle Institute. The show floor will be covered with an exciting mix of retailers, fabricators, industry giants and advocacy organizations all under one roof.

Oregon Convention Center – Portland, Oregon. Tickets: Adult tickets are $7 at Oregon Convention Ctr Box Office. Ticket office opens at 9:30am Saturday & Sunday. *Kids 12 and under are FREE.

This Weekend at the Convention Center

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Woodburn Tulip Festival

Over 40 Acres of Tulips and Daffodils!  Buy cut flowers.  Order bulbs for fall planting. Children's Acre.

Our favorite time of year is when the tulips bloom! There is nothing like the colors of our tulip fields in the spring. Every year the varieties are arranged differently in a new pattern of color as we rotate our tulip fields to a new location.

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Every week, we add our favorite Portland events to the Portland blog. There are many more Portland events to be found on the Portland Events Calendar. Browse around or add your own!


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Concordia Alberta Neighborhood Real Estate Report

By Ross Seligman

Concordia is located in Northeast Portland. It is bordered by the Alameda, Sabin, Vernon, Woodlawn, Sunderland, Cully and Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhoods.  Together with Vernon, Concordia is part of the Alberta Arts area.  For more infomation, click here:

In my monthly Portland real estate report, I always talk about how each individual neighborhood is a micro-market. If you are looking to buy or sell in a particular neighborhood, the most crucial information that you need to know is what is going on in that neighborhood. In this situation, the overall Portland market report is less important and the national real estate report is just about useless. This posting is a real estate report for the Concordia Alberta neighborhood of all homes in all price ranges. Feel free to request particular neighborhoods in which you are interested in buying or selling and I am be happy to do a report, just contact me on this forum or at:

If you are looking for homes in Concordia Alberta, visit this link where you can search for homes by particular neighborhood:

The first thing you will notice about individual neighborhoods as compared to the overall Portland reports are that the numbers can be wildly different month to month. Basically, the bigger the pool of data you are working with, the smoother the stats become. As we focus on smaller areas, many different things can happen month to month.

On to the report:

Here is the overall chart of inventory, sold, and pending for the Concordia Alberta neighborhood from 12/08 to 02/10:



The Concordia Alberta neighborhood has seen a surge of sales in 2010.  In February 2010, the Concordia Alberta neighborhood had 25 closed sales, 43 pending sales, and 120 on the market.

More stats for you from your friendly neighborhood real estate statistics nerd:

One year change from February 2009 to February 2010:

Inventory (how many homes on the market for sale): Down 2.4%
Homes sold: Same as same month last year: Up 25%
Homes pending sale: Up 79.2%

Chart for average price per square footage:



In the past 15 months, the average price per square footage in the Concordia Alberta neighborhood has been between $129 and $172/sq. ft. In February 2010, the average price per square foot in the Concordia Alberta neighborhood was $148.  

One year change from February 2009 to February 2010:

Change in Price Per Square Foot:
February 2009: 131
February 2010: 148
Percentage Change: Up 12.7%

Days on Market, Sold/List Price:



This chart is showing us two things. First, how many days on the market that a home is spending, on average, before being sold. In February 2010, the average time on market for a home in the Concordia Alberta neighborhood was 58 days.  

The second thing that this chart is showing you is what percentage of the listing price the owners actually are getting when the house is sold. This is a great indication of the pressure on prices. In February 2010, sellers in Concordia Alberta received, on average, 99% of their listing price.

More stats for you:

Change from February 2009 to February 2010:

Time on Market: Down 9.4%
Sold/List price % difference: Up 4%

Average price for sale vs. average price of sold:



This chart shows us what the average listing was and what the average sale was. In February 2010, the average price of a house on the market in Concordia Alberta was $299,000. The average sale was $271,000.

More stats over one year:

Average active price: Down 6%
Average sold price: Up 8.8%.

Months of Inventory:



Months of inventory gives a time line of how long it would take for all of the current listings to sell. Anything above 4 months is considered a buyers market. This figure is a good indicator of supply and demand.  February 2009 in the Concordia Alberta was a fairly balanced market leaning in the buyer's favor with 4.8 months of inventory.  This has improved over last year at this time when the inventory was at 6.2 months.

By the way, This does NOT mean that it will take 4.8 months for your home to sell. That figure was, on average in February, 58 days.  Inventory is a figure that means that, if not another home were to come on the market in Concordia Alberta from this point forward, in 4.8 months there would not be another home to sell. They would all be sold.

Visit my website where you can contact me and search all Portland Metro Area listings from the RMLS:


Read the rest of this report by Portland Realtor and Ecobroker, Ross Seligman. 

About Ross:  I am a real estate broker with Windermere, a writer and contributor to, and a professional musician in our beloved Portland. I have two bands: Echo Helstrom and the Echo Jazz Trio.  Learn more about Ross here by reading his PortlandNeighborhood profile.


Best Real Estate Deals in PDX

Every week, Ross shares with us a selection of the best real estate deals in and around Portland.  This charmer is located in the Overlook neighborhood. Check out the full list of best deals. 

5622 N ATLANTIC AVE Portland, OR 97217 - Overlook - $350,900

See the listing here:

Did you know there are nearly 100 unique Portland neighborhoods?  Read and learn all about these interesting urban communities.


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