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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland May 1 - May 7 2010

Hello Portland!  Here is the weekly edition of our Portland blog with our weekly handpicked featured Portland events, the weekly Portland real estate report featuring the Arlington Heights neighborhood, and the Portland photo of the week.  It's May already!  April showers bring May flowers, and boy did we have a rainstorm on Tuesday this week.  I even heard thunder rumbling on Wednesday night, a rare sound in Portland.  It's that time of the year when it can be gloriously sunny one moment, and pouring down rain the next...but, with more sunny days coming more often, it feels great to get outside every chance you get.  Speaking of outdoor celebrations, Happy Cinco De Mayo this week!  Attend the 26th Annual Cinco De Mayo Festival down on the waterfront this week.

American Goldfinches by Michael Barton Anna's Hummingbird Oregon Zoo by Michael Barton

Portland Bird Photos submitted by Michael Barton

Featured Portland Events this Week

Here are the featured Portland events this week!  Thanks to everyone for adding all the great Portland events to the community events calendar.  You can add your own Portland events directly to the events calendar, here.  Just click "Add an Event" and fill in the details.

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

From May 1 to May 5, 2010, Portland Guadalajara Sister City Association (PGSCA) will present the twenty-sixth annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. PGSCA was established in 1984, and is a 501 (C-3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Latino culture, arts, education, economic and intercultural partnerships, and goodwill between the cities of Portland and Guadalajara. 

¡Bienvenidos a La Fiesta Anual de Cinco de Mayo!
Desde el 1 de mayo hasta el 5 de mayo, la Asociación de Ciudades Hermanas Portland Guadalajara (PGSCA) realizará la vigésima sexta celebración anual de Cinco De Mayo. PGSCA se estableció en 1984, y como una organización sin fines de lucro 503 (c-3) nos dedicamos a promover la cultura y el arte latino a traves de colaboraciones educativas e interculturales entre las ciudades de Guadalajara y Portland.

View this Portland Event - Cinco De Mayo Fiesta


OMSI: Space Exhibit, A Journey to our Future

January 30-May 31, 2010. Produced by Evergreen Exhibitions and presented in collaboration with NASA, this dynamic, multimedia exhibit looks back into the history of aeronautics and examines the many unknown questions of existence posed by future space exploration.

View this Portland Event: OMSI Space Exhibit


Oregon Historical Society: A Major Flower Show

May 1&2 - Let ‘er bloom! Celebrate spring at Inspirations 2010, a triennial flower show presented by the Portland Garden Club. During the weekend of May 1 and 2, visitors are welcome to the Oregon Historical Society to view exquisite flower arrangements, as well as all of the Society’s current exhibits. In addition to the arrangements, visitors can view horticulture displays of miniature gardens, jewelry made from botanical elements, and a special exhibit called "Farm to Table". This year’s flower show celebrates the anniversary of Oregon’s own Pendleton Round-Up, coinciding perfectly with OHS’s popular new exhibit Tall in the Saddle: 100 Years of the Pendleton Round-Up.

View this Portland Event: Oregon History Museum: A Major Flower Show


Oregon History Museum - Becoming American: Teenagers & Immigration

This traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution paints a poignant picture of teenage immigrants in America. Photographer Barbara Beirne was inspired by teenage refugees she met in Kosovo. She worked with immigrant teenagers in America to help them tell their stories through photography. This exhibit tells the story of what it means to leave one’s home at a young age and acclimate to life in a different environment.

View this Portland event: Becoming American


Just Between Friends - Children's and Maternity Consignment Sale at Portland Expo Center

Huge Children’s Consignment Sale THIS weekend, May 1 and 2! If you like bargains and are a parent, grandparent or teacher, you will love the Just Between Friends Children’s and Maternity Consignment Sale! Shop for everything you need for babies, kids, and pregnancy from strollers to bibs, books to clothes, and everything in between at 50-90% off retail. This Sale is too big to miss. Pre-register by Tuesday, April 27 for your Teacher Pre-Sale Pass to shop before the Sale opens to the public at Benefits, in part, the Sunshine Division and Insights Teen Parent Program.

Friday, April 30: Pre-Sale Day, Passes Required (Volunteers, Consignors, Teachers)
Saturday, May 1: Open 9-5
Sunday, May 2: Open 9-2 (Many Items Half Off!)

View this Portland Event: Just Between Friends


Artistic Celebration Art Auction

May 1 - The Artistic Celebration Art Auction 2010 was created to celebrate and promote undiscovered artists of all visual mediums as well as raise money for Shriners Children’s Hospital. Local Artists of all types are encouraged to donate pieces to be showcased and auctioned, with 100% of the proceeds going to Schriners.

** All donations whether art or in support of the event are eligible for non profit tax deductions. Be sure and contact us via out website for further information on donations and participation.

View this Portland Event: Artistic Celebration Art Auction


The Portland Plan Phase II Workshops May 1 


OUR FUTURE, THAT IS. We understand that jobs, education, equity, public health and sustainability are important to the people of Portland - because you told us. Now it's time to take the next steps. The upcoming series of Portland Plan workshops will be about setting direction -identifying our goals and choosing targets to tell us whether we met them.

So whether you're new to the Portland Plan or you participated in Phase I, we want to hear your ideas and dig deeper into the issues that Portland faces.

Please join your neighbors and fellow Portlanders at this workshop. Help sort through this information, tell us what’s important and chart the course for Portland’s future!

View this Portland Event: The Portland Plan


Portland Photo of the Week 

Our Portland Photo of the Week,  OMSI  - Children Ahead Slow Down is by Michael Barton.  One of my favorite things to do is to ride my bike along the Eastbank Esplanade to the Springwater Corridor Trail and down to Sellwood and Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.  Portland is so accessible and it is so easy to be in the city yet still get away from it all with some natural scenic beauty, as well as fun Portland attractions like OMSI and Oaks Park.  Michael snapped several photos of this area and loaded them onto the site this week, so come check them out.  This particular photo was taken outside  at OMSI and reminds all the cyclists to slow down:  there are tons of people and children at OMSI, and cyclists need to be wary not to plow through here too fast on their way to the Springwater Corridor and back.

Thanks to everyone for uploading your photos, we all enjoy looking at the ever growing gallery of Portland and surrounding areas.

Our weekly Portland photo winner scores a $20 gift certificate to the Portland Saturday Market Learn more about the Saturday Market.     Come and upload your Portland photos to the Photo Gallery for your chance to win each week.  

Check back to see if your photo is selected for a spotlight in the weekly Portland blog!  In addition to Portland Photos, you can upload your Portland videos as well.  Here is a cute video that was uploaded this week: Now, Are you Crazy? by Marc Rosewood

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Portland Arlington Heights Neighborhood - Real Estate Market Report

By Ross Seligman

Arlington Heights has beautiful upscale homes located in the middle of Washington Park and, at 1000 feet above the city, offering a stunning view of downtown Portland and the mountains. Residents can walk or bike to either northwest neighborhoods and downtown Portland and are neighbors to major attractions such as the Oregon Zoo, the Forestry Center, the Children's Museum, the Japanese Gardens, the Rose Gardens, the Vietnam and Holocaust Memorials.  Forest Park, the largest urban park in the United States, is only a few minutes away by bike or foot.  Arlington Heights is located in Northwest Portland. It is bordered by the Northwest Heights, Sylvan Highlands, Hillside, Northwest and Goose Hollow neighborhoods.  Learn more about Arlington Heights here.

In my monthly Portland real estate report, I always talk about how each individual neighborhood is a micro-market. If you are looking to buy or sell in a particular neighborhood, the most crucial information that you need to know is what is going on in that neighborhood. In this situation, the overall Portland market report is less important and the national real estate report is just about useless. This posting is a real estate report for the Arlington Heights neighborhood of all homes in all price ranges. Feel free to request particular neighborhoods in which you are interested in buying or selling and I am be happy to do a report, just contact me on this forum or at

If you are looking for homes in Arlington Heights, visit this link where you can search for homes by particular neighborhood:

The first thing you will notice about individual neighborhoods as compared to the overall Portland reports are that the numbers can be wildly different month to month. Basically, the bigger the pool of data you are working with, the smoother the stats become. As we focus on smaller areas, many
different things can happen month to month.

On to the report:

Here is the overall chart of inventory, sold, and pending for the Arlington Heights neighborhood from 1/09 to 3/10:

Neighborhoods with higher price points, such as Arlington Heights, generally have fewer sales every month than other, lower priced neighborhoods.  Because of a smaller monthly pool of data of sales, numbers can sometimes vary wildly from month to month.  In March, Arlington Heights had 3 closed sales, 7 pending sales, and 53 on the market.  From last year, there are less homes on the market and pending sales are up.

More stats for you from your friendly neighborhood real estate statistics nerd:

One year change from March 2009 to March 2010:

Inventory (how many homes on the market for sale): Down 8.6%
Homes sold: Same as last year.  No change.
Homes pending sale: Up 16.7%

Chart for average price per square footage:

In the past 15 months, the average price per square footage in the Arlington Heights neighborhood has been between $96 and $363/sq. ft. In March 2010, the average price per square foot in the Arlington Heights neighborhood was $363.  This diversity of data is due to only 2 homes selling in October of 2009.

One year change from March 2009 to March 2010:

Change in Price Per Square Foot:
March 2009: 191
March 2010: 363
Percentage Change: Up 90.1%

Days on Market, Sold/List Price:

This chart is showing us two things. First, how many days on the market that a home is spending, on average, before being sold. In March 2010, the average time on market for a home in the Arlington Heights neighborhood was 175 days.  Higher priced homes take longer to sell due to there being less buyers in the upper price ranges. 

The second thing that this chart is showing you is what percentage of the listing price the owners actually are getting when the house is sold. This is a great indication of the pressure on prices. In March 2010, sellers in Arlington Heights received, on average, 85% of their listing price.

More stats for you:

Change from March 2009 to March 2010:

Time on Market: UP 78.6%
Sold/List price % difference: Down 2%

Average price for sale vs. average price of sold:

This chart shows us what the average listing was and what the average sale was. In March 2010, the average price of a house on the market in Arlington Heights was $851,000. The average sale was $1,209,000.

More stats over one year:

Average active price: Up 14.4%
Average sold price: Up 76.5%.

Months of Inventory:

Months of inventory gives a time line of how long it would take for all of the current listings to sell. Anything above 4 months is considered a buyers market. This figure is a good indicator of supply and demand.  March 2010 in the Arlington Heights was a buyer's market leaning in the  with 17.7 months of inventory. 

By the way, This does NOT mean that it will take 17.7 months for your home to sell. That figure was,
on average in March, 175 days.  Inventory is a figure that means that, if not another home were to come on the market in Arlington Heights from this point forward, in 17.7 months there would not be another home to sell. They would all be sold.

Visit my website where you can contact me and search all Portland Metro Area listings from the RMLS:

Read the Arlington Heights neighborhood report.

Best Real Estate Deals in Portland

Every week, Ross shares with us a selection of the best real estate deals in Portland.  Look at this affordable charmer located in North Tabor. Love the bricks and old style windows!  Check out the full list of best deals.

6023 NE HOYT ST Portland, OR 97213 - North Tabor - $249,900

See the listing here:


Did you know there are nearly 100 unique Portland neighborhoods?  Read and learn all about these interesting urban communities.

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