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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland, May 4, 2013

Hello, Portlanders!   Welcome to the weekly Portland events blog, with lots of ideas of things to do in Portland.  Happy Cinco de Mayo, and the celebration of the 29th annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta down on Portland's waterfront.  It promises to feel like summer this weekend, with temperatures of 80+ degrees in Portland and even at the Oregon Coast. Enjoy the fun in the sun!  

Portland Fountains

This would be a great weekend to visit some of your favorite Portland Fountains.  Of course there are the big popular fountains like Salmon Street Springs, but there are plenty of smaller sculptural fountains around Portland, too.  
Shemanski Fountain, Portland South Park Blocks

This Italianesque trefoil design fountain was a gift to the city from Joseph Shemanski in 1926 to thank the city for its kindness to him. Shemanski was a Polish immigrant who went from being a traveling clock salesman to successful businessman. Carl L. Linde designed the cast stone structure that surrounds the bronze sculpture by Oliver Laurence Barrett. Rebecca offered to draw water for Abraham's servant and many camels -- possibly as much as a half ton of water. By providence, Rebecca's act of kindness and service revealed her as the bride.

Shemanki Fountain South Park Blocks

Ira Keller's Forecourt Fountain

Location: Between SW 3rd & 4th Avenue, and Market & Clay Street

Hours: On all day during spring/summer/fall seasons.

13,000 gallons of water per minute cascade through this fountain. The fountain holds 75,000 gallons of water. Its terraces and platforms suggest the Northwest's abundant waterfalls. Angela Danadjieva designed this fountain for Lawrence Halprin Associates. People have gathered here since its completion in 1971. The Portland Water Bureau works to make sure that the fountain today is true to the spirit of Lawrence Halprin’s vision.

Please use caution while enjoying this fountain. Like all streams and waterfalls, slippery surfaces, rapidly moving water, pools of water, and high drop-offs require careful attention. Stay back from edges due to falling hazard.

Keller Fountain Downtown Portland

Find more Portland fountains and descriptions on

29th Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta


Waterfront Park

Enjoy Live Entertainment, Authentic Food, Rides, Family Fun, and much more!

Portland Guadalajara Sister City Association (PGSCA) presents the 29th annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, May 3-5, 2013. PGSCA was established in 1984, and is a 501 (C-3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Latino culture, arts, education, economic and intercultural partnerships, and goodwill between the cities of Portland and Guadalajara. For more information on the  Portland Guadalajara Sister City Association go to:

Portland Doggie Dash 2013

Next weekend is the popular Portland Doggie Dash,  You can still register for this popular event at Oregon Humane Society's website:

You're invited to Portland's biggest party for pets and people!

Join thousands of your friends on May 11th, as we walk, run, eat, drink and have fun with our furry friends. It's the 26th annual OHS Doggie Dash, when we let dogs rule the streets of downtown Portland. Come with or without a dog!

Our goal: raise $450,000 for pets in need. Early registration closes May 8. Register here.

Donations Doubled!

Thanks to our generous presenting sponsors, Wentworth SubaruCity and Subaru, donations will be matched from May 1 through May 6 until we gather $20,000. This is a great opportunity to ask friends to support your Doggie Dash effort

Advance Pick-up Event This Week

The first of three advance pick-up events will happen on Saturday, May 4 at Bridgeport Village. Beat the lines at Doggie Dash and pick up your t-shirt and bib early, or register for the Dash at Bridgeport. Free tote bags and discount offers from participating retailers. Details here.

Bring Bo to the Dash

We invited First Dog Bo Obama to be Grand Marshal - and we've just received a response from the White House. Will Bo be Dashing? Details here.


Shades of Sunshine

Written by PortlandNeighborhood Guest Writer, Rob Creighton Garrison

The first tour we took of Portland after having moved here from the Dallas area, I found myself blinking and squinting more than usual.

I don't suffer allergies, but I thought the sudden eye sensitivity might have to do with some airborn microfuzzy to which my system was unfamiliar.  I knew that a lot of people had problems with pollen and wondered if I had finally been introduced to a variety that found Garrison membranes irresistable.  My father was susceptible to sinus miseries due to cottonwood, so was I succumbing to something similar?

Rob's blog

My wife came up with the answer:  “The sun. Its relative travel stays closer to the horizon here.”

Of course!  All of my life until then had been lived in more southerly climes. New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas, all are closer to Sol's beaming gaze on the globe.  New Mexico's light is a laser targeting the higher elevations, parching the air and desiccating the landscape. Texas, altogether less lofty in its reach for sky, makes stew instead.  Puerto Rico benefits from the natural cooling of the surrounding Caribbean, but the sun almost always keeps its appointments.

Here in the Willamette Valley our Helios seems removed from those others. Whereas the sunlight falling on Texas and New Mexico is a warrior searchlight and the glare on the Caribbean is a toothy island smile, ours is cloak and dagger. He (Sol is always a He, whatever his guises) flits from cloud to cloud to below the horizon and then back again.  When he chooses to reveal Himself He is mighty indeed and none are his better, but through most of his year's career he prefers to peer at us through veils, aloof.

May is the first to become impatient with His sly distance.  She'll have her suitor front and center, thankyouverymuch. Sol will resist for a time, but He'll acquiesce before She flounces her skirts and heads for the door, and before long He'll be giving her His full attention.  Despite her early frosty demeanor, She'll soon erupt with breezes and butterflies.

May's sisters don't want to be teased.  June, July, and August (or is August not a “sister”?  There's always been talk...) prefer an up-front partner in their relationships, they want a stand-up guy.  Breezy flirtations?  No thanks. “Blaze away!” they all say, and Sunny Sol obliges.  Now we're cookin'!  It's only at this time that He deigns to muster the full force of his personality, and on these rare occasions he chases even the hardiest indoors, and briefly we have green fire in the valley.

Inevitably, He retreats, wraps himself in wisps of Heaven, recedes, seems to disappear.  Don't you believe it.  He banks his fire but He never leaves. Sol watches the seasons shift, witnesses Autumn deliver his own cool flames of gold and red, and then observes as Winter mutes the world and sends it to sleep.  That time is not yet, though.  Right now Helios has risen, stepped from the curtains and made his presence known.  Don't stand him up!  He loves, and demands, an audience, and your skin to warm.  May isn't letting him hide again for awhile, and neither should you.

Rob's blog

Portland Photo of the Week

Pearl District Portland Photos by Fasai

Pearl District by Fasai

This week Portland Photo of the Week winner is by Fasai S. The Pearl District offers a mix of old and new architectural elements, and there are always lots of photo opportunities if you stop and look closely.  

Find more photos like this on

Check back to see if your photo is selected for a spotlight in the weekly Portland blog!   All ya gotta do is upload your photos to the Portland photo album for a chance to win.

Featured Portland Events this Week

Each week, we feature a handful of member-added events to the blog.  You can always add your own Portland events directly to the Portland events calendar.  Visit

APEX: Harold Schlotzhauer

April 6, 2013 to July 14, 2013Portland Art Museum Existing in a world of energy movement and change, California native Harold Schlotzhauer’s art is vibrant, bold, and complex. Drawing inspiration from skateboarding, snowboarding, and surf culture, a Organized by Henry Moreno | Type: art, exhibition 

Ten Chimneys

April 23, 2013 at 7:30pm to May 26, 2013 at 2pm – Artists Repertory Theatre Ten Chimneys by Jeffrey Hatcher Apr 23 – May 26 When life and theatre collide it is a beautiful thing, is it not? This revealing comedy peers into the backstage lives of Broadway power-duo Alfred Lun Organized by Artists Repertory Theatre | Type: theatre 

Ultimate Open House New Home Tour

April 27, 2013 at 11am to May 5, 2013 at 5pm – Portland Metro The 2013 Ultimate Open House New Home Tour presented by NW Natural and Standard TV and Appliance is poised to be one of the most exciting—and busy in years. The annual event, which runs two weekends, Organized by HBA of PDX Metro | Type: home, tour

2013 USA Gymnastics Men's Junior Olympic National Championships

April 30, 2013 to May 5, 2013Oregon Convention Center The Junior Olympics is a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event featuring the top male gymnasts in the country ages 11-18. Most, if not all of the 2016 USA Olympic Team will be competing at this event, so c Organized by Metro Gymnastics | Type: championship 

"The People's Republic of Portland" at Portland Center Stage

April 30, 2013 at 7:30pm to June 9, 2013 at 7:30pm – Gerding Theater at the Armory Portland is gathering lots of attention lately – for our sustainability leadership; for our food scene; for being, well, weird. And now we’ve caught the attention of Lauren Weedman, actor/writer of l Organized by Portland Center Stage | Type: performing arts, theater, drama 


May 2, 2013 at 7:30pm to May 26, 2013 at 2pm – The Sanctuary @ Sandy Plaza triangle productions! concludes its 23rd season with the production of a new work. Ari - Maria, a modern Greek tragedy, is a musical about the 20th century's most famous Greeks: Aristotle Onassis and Organized by triangle productions! | Type: a, new, musical, about, maria, callas 

Isamu Noguchi:We are the Landscape of All We Know

May 3, 2013 at 12pm to July 21, 2013 at 7pm – Portland Japanese Garden Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988) was one of the twentieth century’s greatest sculptors and designers. His work, at once subtle and bold, traditional and modern, is seen as a true bridge between East and Wes Organized by | Type: art, exhibit 

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