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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland July 14 - July 21 2012

Welcome to the weekend and another edition of our all local Portland Blog!  Summer is here in full swing and we couldn't be more thrilled. I've been starting my days at Forest Park at sunrise and am loving an hour long hike/run that traverses upper and lower Macleay. My hike is a gradual climb alongside a burbling stream as I listen to a symphony of birds a'chatter. What a great way to start the day-- highly recommended!

Early Portland summer means we've also been enjoying a bounty of locally sourced foods. The Farmers Markets are boomin' and I can't stress enough how amazing and well priced our local organic food is. Summer is a great time to include fresh vegetables and fruits in every meal. Portlanders are so lucky to live in such a great growing climate with great access to a ton of excellent farmers markets.

Here are a few of my favorite Portland farmers markets:

The Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University

Enjoy incredible produce from a variety of local vendors, local meats and fish, bread, coffee, honey and crafts. This is a beautiful market in downtown Portland.

Open Saturdays, March 17th through December 15th

8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – March to October

9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – November & December

The Saturday Market is located at Portland State University in the South Park Blocks between SW Hall & SW Montgomery. A close street address to this market is 1717 SW Park Avenue.

The Buckman Farmers Market

Buckman is one of my favorite Portland neighborhoods, home to a wonderful and well outfitted market. This is a great alternative to the weekend rush at the other markets.

Thursdays, May 3rd to September 27th 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

The Thursday Market in the Buckman/Sunnyside neighborhood of Southeast Portland is located at SE 20th & Salmon between SE Belmont & SE Hawthorne — in the parking lot of Hinson Baptist Church. A close street address to this market is 1137 SE 20th Avenue.

Head on over, pick up some wonderful local goods and enjoy!  I'll leave you with a great and tasty recipe.

Morning Wake-up Smoothie:  6 large Lacinato Kale leaves, 2 cup fresh raspberries, 2 fresh peaches, 1 cup fresh blueberries, 2 bananas, 2tbs Chia seeds, 2tbs flax seed, 2 cups water, 1 cup New Seasons organic whole milk, 1 cup Greek style yogurt. Blend and go!  This Smoothie lasts several days and is enjoyed with local eggs and local bread every morning. The house favorite is Dave's Killer Bread. Excellent!


South Waterfront Storage

South Waterfront Heated Storage offers a State of the Art Self-Storage facility located in Portland, Oregon. This modern day Self-Storage Facility offers extravagant features including: A digital camera surveillance system, personalized customer access codes and individually alarmed unit doors. Also find multiple covered/heated loading areas, freight elevators and a large quantity of flatbed carts; making your moving experience a breeze! 

Just minutes from John’s Landing, Sellwood and Lake Oswego; South Waterfront Heated Storage offers you a convenient location while providing great customer service. Also find moving and packing supplies – Your one stop shopping center!

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The Portland Photo of the Week

The Portland Photo of the Week is by local artist, Fasai. Fasai's beautiful image is of Pheasant Creek Falls. Pheasant Creek Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in the Oregon coast range, located up the Little Nestucca river found in the coastal Oregon Siuslaw National Forest.

Pheasant Falls


Our Portland Photo of the Week winner gets a $20 gift certificate to a local Portland business of our choosing. This week our winner is treated to Olympic Provisions: one of our favorite brunch spots in all of Portland.

Olympic Provisions is home to Oregon’s first USDA-approved salumeria, established in 2009. With two locations in beautiful Portland, Oregon, both Olympic Provisions operate as European-style restaurants, bustling neighborhood delis, and onsite meat-curing facilities.

Olympic Provisions Southeast is guided by the capable hands of Alex Yoder, whose food focuses on clean, bold flavors of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Come in to feast on our menu of small plates and tasty bites. The restaurant and our first meat curing facility are both located in the historic Olympic Mills Commerce Center, a beautifully restored cereal mill and a landmark in Portland’s lower Southeast Industrial neighborhood

Olympic Provisions Northwest kitchen is led by Chef Erin Williams, who creates beautiful rustic Italian food in a neighborhood cafe setting with a antique French rotisserie. The restaurant is also attached to our new meat plant that has allowed us to expand our product line and availability.

Salumist Elias Cairo crafts American Charcuterie using local, high-quality ingredients for wholesale to grocery stores, restaurants and wine bars around the region. Many products, including some that are available nowhere else, can be sampled at the restaurant and purchased directly from the deli case.



Livin' is Easy

Written by PortlandNeighborhood Guest Writer, Rob Creighton Garrison

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen


This morning sounded like summer, felt like summer before I even got out of bed.


To my mind, each season has a voice.  Fall clatters with deciduous limbs and the chattering of dry leaves like bare-bones crickets (when it is dry; granted that sound is heard less often here).  Winter is nearly mute, speaking mostly through people muttering from under thick coats and wooly hats.  Spring is an “aaahhh” delivered by a still-chill breeze and now and again the hiss and burble of rain.


Summer is the most boisterous of all.  In summer the slant of bright sun lighting a green blaze in the trees is nearly a noise of its own, heard only through the eyes.  The ears have plenty to do: kidsqueal, pool splashing, mowers coughing and growling, crackling-dry newsprint as the humidity goes thin, thwack-thwack of sandals striking bare heels.  It's the symphony of leisure.


How absurd to have to labor indoors to earn money!  On sunny clear days I've found myself envying those guys with the flags standing sentinel around roadwork sites (which is stupid, because I've done that and I know that after an hour or so it sucks, plus it does nothing to heighten my opinion of fellow auto-motoring humans).  To be jailed by work on a gleaming summer day is a cruelty, the modern Homo sapien's burden.  Our Cro-Magnon ancestors would shake their shaggy heads in dismay, if not disown us outright.  I envision a calloused thumb and forefinger forming an 'L' shape over a thick furrowed brow.


(Yes, I do realize that having to chase your food, or be chased as food, isn't all the fun it's cracked up to be either; step back, you're smudging my rose-colored glasses.)


Summertime is a fine time in Portland.  The fountains gather supplicants and compete with ice cream vendors, office workers indulge in the joy of al fresco dining, Waterfront Park becomes a sort of aerobic Mecca.  And music! Spread a blanket or deploy a lawn chair and listen at Mt. Tabor, Sellwood Riverfront Park, Director Park, and several others around the city.


Although I honestly prefer hiking Portland's many trails in autumn and winter (the chill and damp conspire to make me feel like a hardy champeen while others huddle indoors!), that won't stop me from stomping along under the cool canopies of Forest Park or Tryon Creek.  Or I'll stand near a cascading waterfall at Latourell Falls for the all-natural air-conditioning.  Can't beat it.


And of course buy a bike or borrow one.  Wheel out to the Springwater or any one of the several trails and paths around town.  Wear a helmet, but bear in mind that the vents serve as yellow-jacket scoops if you aren't lucky (I gave one a ride as I was commuting home one day a couple years back; most stressful time on a bike I've ever spent, but fortunately for me it was just tired of flying and took a breather before taking off again and leaving me unmolested.  I wish the one that savaged my shin as I was riding the path later that summer had had such a mellow disposition.)


Anyway.  Walk it, swim it, roll it.  However you manage it, do some summer outside.  Make our hairy fore-fore-fore-fore-forefathers (and -mothers!) proud.

Read and comment on the original post here. Like this article? Check back weekly for a peek into Rob's world.



Cherries! by Fasai


Featured Portland Events this Week

We have some great Portland events for you to enjoy! Mark your calendars and feel free to add your own!



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July 2012 Portland Oregon Real Estate Market Report: What's Happening?

By Ross and Leah Seligman


Here is a chart of all homes for sale, pending for sale, and sold in Portland, Oregon for the last 15 months:

In June 2012, inventory has risen slightly with 2006 homes on the market.   In June 2012, 685 homes sold and 761 are pending for sale.  

Yearly change from June 11 to June 12:

Inventory is Down 29.5%

Closed Sales are Up 10.1%.

Pending sales are Up 25.6%. 


Chart for average price per square footage:

In the past 15 months, the average price per square foot in Portland, Oregon has been between $132 and $152. In June 2012, the average price per square foot in Portland was $152.

Yearly change from June 11 to June 12:  Up 6.5%

Days on market and sold/list price %:

This chart is showing us two things. First, how many days on the market that a home is spending, on average, before being sold. In all of Multnomah County, in all price ranges, a home is taking, on average, 56 days to sell.

The other thing that this chart shows is what percentage of listing price the home, on average, is selling at. This is a great indicator of pressure on prices. In June 2012, sellers were getting, on average, 96% of their original asking price.

Yearly change from June 11 to June 12:

Average time it takes to sell a home has decreased 20%.

The percentage of original listing price that was paid has increased 3%.

Average price for sale vs. average price of sold:

In June 2012, the average price of a home that sold was $325,000.  The average price of a home that was listed was $393,000.  This does not mean that a home that was listed for $393,000 sold for $325,000.  The listed homes didn't necessarily sell.  For the sold/list price percentage, look at the 'Days on Market' graph.  In June 2012, this figure was 96%.

Yearly change from June 11 to June 12:

The average price of a home listed has increased 3.7%.

The average price of a home sold has increased 8%.

Months of inventory:
Months of inventory gives a timeline of how long it would take for all of the current listings to sell. Anything above 4 months is considered a buyers market. In June 2012, this figure was 2.9 months based on closed sales. Portland is currently, on average, a balanced market.

This does NOT mean that it will take, on average, 2.9 months for your home to sell. That number was, on average in all price ranges, 56 days.   It means that, if not a single listing were to come on the market in Portland from this moment, it would take 2.9 months for all available homes to sell before there would be none left.

Yearly change from June 11 to June 12:

The months of inventory figure has decreased 36%.
About the report: This is a comparison of the past 15 months (including a percentage change analysis for the last 12 months) for all of Portland and are taken directly from the RMLS. What follows is my own analysis of these statistics. For our purposes, I thought it best to analyze Portland as a whole. Each neighborhood, however, is a little micro-universe and has its own market. Changing the parameters of the zip codes, price variables, or time periods can lead to very different results. This analysis is of all homes sold in all price ranges in Portland, Oregon. If you have any questions about specific zip codes, or any questions about the market in general, please reply to this forum with those questions or feel free to contact me at:

Since Portland is a neighborhood city, you can now search by "Irvington, Alberta, etc.". You can check it out by clicking here.


This information doesn't matter if you have a particular neighborhood in mind since Portland neighborhoods are their own micro-markets. If you have one in mind to buy or are selling your home, please request a report for that neighborhood and I am happy to post it on this blog or send it to you.  The complete Portland report is useful for an overall snapshot of the Portland market.  

Hey everyone, I want to know what you think of these reports. Too many stats? Just right? Something missing? Let me know so I can make these more useful for you. What are your thoughts about real estate right now? What do you think of the information in this report? Post to this blog so we can discuss.

Visit our website where you can contact us and search all Portland Metro Area homes for sale from the RMLS in Portland, OR, including school and neighborhood reports:



Best Deals in Portland this Week

 Each week Ross and Leah share some great Portland real estate listings for us to drool over.  Enjoy!


6918 SE 36TH AVE Portland, OR 97202 - Eastmoreland - $535,000

Click the image to see the listing



2306 NE 55TH AVE Portland, OR 97213 - Rose City Park - $409,900


Click the image to see the listing


3329 SE 33RD AVE Portland, OR 97202 - Richmond - $299,950

Click the image to see the listing




Visit our website where you can contact us and search all Portland metro area homes for sale and real estate from the RMLS, including neighborhood and school information.

Did you know there are nearly 100 unique Portland neighborhoods?  Read and learn all about these interesting urban communities.

Tryon Creek State Park

Muddy Boots by Michael Barton


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