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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland September 7 - September 14 2013


This Portland blog celebrates all things local Portland: people, places, things. Today we celebrate a new neighbor in my Piedmont neighborhood. Marilyn bought the newly flipped, now beautiful blue house on Mississippi Avenue early this summer. The rental home had been practically falling over for years - an eye sore complete with peeling paint and a lean-to garage - and when it foreclosed last fall, we all breathed a sigh of relief mixed with new anxiety. How long would it remain empty and what would become of it? Who would join our neighborhood?

A few months later, a young PDXer bought home to "flip" it. Not sure what to expect, the neighborhood watched with eager interest and a little fear. Every day after he and the crew left, we'd all sneak over and watch the progress through the windows. Like criminals, we'd tip toe around the house peering into every window-- even lifting each other up for the taller windows. The carpet was ripped out, wood floors refinished, horrible remodels covering up the original 1920's handiwork removed and period details like cove trim were unveiled and restored. Slowly, the "flipper" crew breathed new life into an old home.

When the crew completed, a beautiful little bunglow stood in the place where a sagging heap once was. They chose a crisp navy and cream paint scheme and curiously left the whole front yard dirt. When we inquired as to the strange oversight, we were told there was a new owner and she was a master gardener and she had requested a blank canvas.

Master gardener! I was so excited to meet this new neighbor that I couldn't even stand it. Marilyn was such a suprise to me. She is easily in her late 70's and is incredibly fit and has more energy than a gaggle of 20 somethings. Recently widowed, she and two year old still pup, Wilson, moved from the east coast to start a new life in Portland. Wilson, she explained, was just like the volleyball that saved the life of Tom Hanks in Cast Away. I blinked hard and fell in love with my neighbor.

Marilyn the master gardener is also a bee keeper (complete with the outfit!) and chicken keeper. Her license plate says "Eat more kale!" and she runs Wilson every morning at 7am without fail. She has slowly, with a practiced patience that amazes me, pieced together a gorgeous garden. The plants are all spaced to grow and mature and her garden will be a vision in the years to come.

New life in piedmont

Every time I look across the street, I smile. Marilyn embodies "Portland". She's a role model for all of us.

Enjoy our Portland blog this week and have a great weekend enjoying the true gift of this lovely September weather.





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2013 St Johns Bridge at night

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A beautiful late summer image: bees in Portland by Fasai


Storm und Drang by Rob Creighton Garrison


It's Thursday evening. The big news of the day (other than the bus ablaze on Sunset Highway) is the coming storm.

Oooooh. Storm. Oooohhh.

                                                Not this Storm.  Freakin' COOL though, huh?

Now I'll admit, earlier this afternoon I looked up and was somewhat startled to find that I could actually see the rain. Usually I have to look at a dark area in the trees or on a building and concentrate on that one spot for a few seconds before I can actually perceive the rain without actually having to go out and stand in it. Even then sometimes I have to tilt my head back and wait for the slight sensation on my actual eyeballs that I've come to recognize as that of a noncommittal sort of precipitation. “Please”, this whisper of condensation seems to say, “may I rest here for a moment before I continue my hour's journey from this point to the ground? I'll be ever so quiet and light in my step.” You've never encountered such a polite meteorological event.

Well, I haven't, anyway. Some of you readers may have traveled to mystical lands and seen other, more astonishing wonders. Who am I to say? But here in the eerie woodsy Valley of the Wily Willamette, we have the ghost rain. It's a gradual gremlin of a rain, one that manifests only after coming indoors, when its ectoplasm appears as damp epaulets on the shoulders of one's garment, there to cool and fade until no evidence remains.

This is why few Portlanders carry umbrellas. Don't need 'em. We have eyebrows.

So forgive me when I sneak a snicker at the weather wags when the term “storm” launches from their lips. I have lived in West Texas, where I've actually observed cold fronts march toward me down the street, and North Texas, where the overcast skies looked as if they concealed the gods' own paparazzi up there. In Albuquerque I drove home in a sand storm so vicious and indiscriminate that a gang of tumbleweeds tried to hijack my car in their attempt to flee. Please, speak not to me of storms.

But yes, for a moment I did forget about Columbus Day, October 12, 1962. That one is brag-worthy, no question. Tossed boats out of the river, clocked wind speeds (depending on who measured, how they measured it, and where) of between 130 and 145 mph. Hats off, that was an Event with a capital “Enormous”. Good on ya, Portland, you may count ONE storm that people actually alive today can remember. Almost fifty-one years ago.

So we kind of fail at storm most of the time. Too bad. I miss a good thunderstorm, with a big, dangerous light show accompanying. I see news of other states in the Union getting their SigMets on and I sigh to myself wistfully. I always get over it, though, when I consider this:

Portland's rain, our brand of it, falls imperceptibly much of the time, but just look at the green fire it conjures. This ghost rain tempts the very Earth into an emerald eruption that never, ever fails to impress me, and it fair makes my heart glad every time I step outdoors.

Storms are transient. Let's hope the rain never is.


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Reed Canyon, Reed College

Another incredible image by Michael Barton



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