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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland Portland January 5 - January 12 2013


Welcome to our first Portland Blog of 2013.  Seeing and typing 2013 will take some getting used to. So will this crushing cold freeze. As you might imagine, anything that could make it more cold and more teeth chattery has: the water heater broke, the replacement didn't work, the dog fell in the pond and came racing through the doggy door half crazed, the hoses burst and many a plant has keeled over. I have delighted in watching three hummingbirds fight for feeder domination and have loved these sunny, blue-skied, cold-as-hell beautiful winter days, however. Running until your lungs are ready to burst from cold air being pumped in with ever step forward.  Yep, I've joined the crazies in North Portland's Peninsula Park and ran the cold path around the park. Ten times makes a mile. Ah, 2013. You best bring snow and make it worth my while, friend.


If you're like us and still have a lit Christmas tree staring at you, know you can recycle it curbside in the city limits if it's under 6 feet. Read more about your Christmas tree recycling options here.


Sunlight through ferns at Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Sunlight through Ferns at Tualatin Hills Nature Park - Michael Barton


The Portland Video of the Week

Let it snow, snow, snow!


Powell's Bookstore Picks

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The Portland Photo of the Week

The Portland Photo of the Week is by Rachel Carlson who shares a picturesque view of the Ponzi vineyards in winter.

Ponzi Vineyards in the wintertime


Our Portland Photo of the Week winner gets a $20 gift certificate to a local Portland business of our choosing. This week, the local Portland business we are recognizing is Coava Coffee Roasters.

About Coava Coffee Roasters:  Coava is a family of hardworking people who are passionate about excellent coffee. We source, roast and brew the best single origin coffees in the world. What began as a dream has evolved into a roastery unlike any other.

Coava began in a garage in North Portland, where Matt Higgins roasted coffees with total precision. Because Matt had worked in the industry for a decade, he knew Coava couldn’t roast exceptional coffee without sourcing from the best farmers in the world. Today we are proud to feature single origin coffees from meticulous, hard-working farmers who take risks to work exclusively with us.

Our name, Coava, was inspired by Englishman William Biddulph, who traveled to Turkey in the 1600s and discovered that “coava” was a term for unroasted coffee, a word previously unknown in the Western world. Raw coffee is at the heart of what we do. We strive to create beautiful roast profiles based on the inherent qualities of each unroasted coffee. That’s why we only roast single origins, focusing on quality, intensity and balance in the cup.

As a result, Coava is known for roasting some of the highest scoring coffees in the world, a craft we humbly practice in our roastery in Portland, Oregon. 


Featured Portland Events this Week

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January 7



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A Man Walks into a...

by Rob Creighton Garrison

At first blush a newcomer to our City of Roses might be confused about our drinking establishments. “What”, he or she might ask, “are the differences between a pub, a bar, and a tavern? Or are there any?” To which some liquor-fixated folks may reply “Nuhthin', they all serve booze.” This response is erroneous of course, like saying a wildlife preserve is a zoo or a motel is a homeless shelter. There is some overlap of fixtures, quaffables, and clientele here and there, but the three species are distinct.



A pub is where you go with friends and let them talk whilst sipping either a local microbrew or a pint of something from Belgium, and eating something “artisanal”. The décor tends to tasteful wood and brass elements, perhaps some sconces at the windows. Patrons often wear scarves. I even spied an ascot once, but its owner was sitting alone. It's not done to sit in a pub for longer than an hour or so unless there's a trivia quiz going on.


A bar is where you go when you want to tell strangers your opinions. The fare tends to be of the slightly fizzy macro-adjunct persuasion, to be served with something fried. There is usually at least one television, and it's never turned off, but the audio is most often indecipherable due to the arguments about what's being broadcast or about to what channel it should be tuned. The posture of a bar's patrons tend to be of the forward-pitched variety, as elbows find purchase on tables or the bar itself. Sometimes foreheads follow suit.


A tavern is the same as a bar except you stand a greater chance of being menaced with a pool cue.




Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and sub-categories that cloud the issue even more. I've found a few establishments around Portland that I really like. Call them what you will.


The Horse Brass is my favorite English-themed pub. Having never traveled to England I can't speak to its authenticity, but the atmosphere works for me. They do a nice fish'n'chips, and the Scotch egg is NOMZ. They also have all my favorite beers from across the pond. It gets crowded in there of a weekend, so you have to be mindful of chair legs and elbows on the way to and from the loo.


I like Thirsty Lion too. Good burgers! They have pub trivia every Monday night starting at 7pm and live local music on Tuesdays. Plus you get to go downtown, which for me is always interesting. One cool element is that on warm nights they open all the doors so that you almost feel more outside than inside. The waitresses in the Thirsty Lion all dress like the girls in those Robert Palmer videos (sans the heavy eye shadow). I keep forgetting to ask why.


Gustav's Bier Stube is a great place if you enjoy a nice hefeweizen with a heavenly huge soft pretzel (you'll want to go home and toss that bag of funny crackers in the bin, I kid you not) or a schnitzel that insists you forget all the jokes you've heard that mentions the name of this awesome foodstuff and just cram your face with it. Never had a mopey server there either, they all seem happy to be there.




The Alibi Restaurant and Lounge ( at 4024 N Interstate Ave) is a place I love. It's the kind of bar you feel you should sneak in and out of. Tiki out the wazoo. Sit in a booth in a corner, hunch over a drink, preferably in a trench coat. If you aren't there for nefarious purposes, then at least have the decency to look like you are. They have sticky fruity drinks in there (Blue Hawaiian!) that remind me of misspent youth striving desperately to like disco so that girls would like me. You have to be tolerant of the dubious drinky social phenomenon called karaoke. I'm always slightly disappointed no one chooses to sing “Copacabana”.


Man, writing is thirsty work!




The Best Deals in Portland This Week:  December 31st - January 7th

By Ross and Leah Seligman




2922 NW FAIRFAX TER Portland, OR 97210 - Hillside - $1.1M


Click the image to see the full listing


3007 NE 43RD AVE Portland, OR 97213 - Beaumont - $830,000

Click the image to see the full listing


1216 NE TILLAMOOK ST Portland, OR 97212 - Irvington - $689,000

Click the image to see the full listing


1538 SE 32ND PL Portland, OR 97214 - Richmond - $595,000

 Click the image to see the full listing


808 NE 74th AVE Portland, OR 97213 - Montavilla - $319,900

 Click the image to see the full listing


Visit our website where you can contact us and search all Portland metro area homes for sale and real estate from the RMLS, including neighborhood and school information:

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Fall Colors

At the World Forestry Center - Jeannie Needham


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