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Portland Events Blog: This Week in Portland, October 12, 2013

Hello, Portlanders.  Here's the weekly Portland events rundown with several ideas of fun things to do in Portland this week.   Here it is mid October already, and Halloween is fast approaching.  If you have yet to select a fat pumpkin for your annual jack-o-lantern display, then a trip out to Sauvie Island is in order.  Enjoy family-friendly hayrides,corn mazes, and spooky Halloween mazes.

Bella Organic Farm - Corn Maze

Address: 16205 NW Gillihan Rd.  Portland, OR 97231

We are located on Sauvie Island

Call 503-621-9545 for farm stand and U-Pick info!!!
After you cross the Sauvie Island bridge take the first left onto Gillihan Rd and continue for 1.5 miles. We will be on your left.

2013 Corn Maze Theme is… Ducks Vs. Beavers (Civil War Theme)!

There is bark dust on the paths but we do suggest wearing Rubber Boots!

Purchase Corn Maze Tickets:

Corn Maze Info:

Wear your team colors to the farm! The Civil War corn maze opens September 1st at 9am!  Don’t miss the largest corn maze on Sauvie Island!

Deciphering the myriad uniforms the local college football powerhouse wears week-to-week is a tradition Oregon fans revel in. Equally fun is the challenge of navigating the Ducks Vs. Beavers Corn Maze. The corn maze is an annual tradition at Bella Organic & Portland Pumpkin Farm.

Located on Sauvie Island, Bella Organic & Portland Pumpkin Farm is a year-round attraction for berry-picking enthusiasts and those looking to grab some local organic produce. Come autumn, the farm transforms itself for fall festivities, with its beautiful pumpkins and challenging corn maze drawing visitors from around the Portland area.

This year’s maze spans seven acres of cornfields and features the Ducks Vs. Beavers team helmets plowed through it. There are 3.2 miles of start-to-finish pathways, and it takes intrepid visitors an average of one hour to figure their way out.

Portland Pumpkin Farm

The Portland Pumpkin Farm & Maze have teamed up with Bella Organic to help extend the farm season and host a pumpkin harvest.  There will be acres of organic and non-organic pumpkins for everyone to pick along with many already picked pumpkins.

The activities at the farm will also include a cow train, hay  rides, hay maze, food pavilion (all food made with Certified Organic Veggies, Fruits and Berries), Bella’s Country Market (Organic Produce & Farm Store), costume contests, and much much more. We will be hosting pumpkin farm and corn maze field trips! So come out, pick your pumpkins, get lost in our maze, ride the cow train around the 100-acre organic farm, enjoy a gyro and an elephant ear and get some fresh certified organic produce!

Voodoo Doughnut Haunted Maze



 There is bark dust on the paths but we do suggest wearing Rubber Boots!

On the evenings of Friday/Saturday September 27th- October 26th, 2013 -patrons traverse the pathways of the haunted maze, stalked by vampires, zombies, and other frightening creatures. They lurk behind the maze’s many corners, waiting to frighten passersby into squealing and corn into self-popping in terror. Customers should dress appropriately for the weather; the path can get muddy. Please use your best judgment when bringing small children with you; it can be very scary!


EVERY Friday/Saturday Evenings: September 27th THRU October 26th, 2013

Gates Open: 7pm
Haunted maze not recommended for small children.

The Original Maize at the Pumpkin Patch and Haunted Maize


16511 NW Gillihan Road
Portland, OR 97231
(On Sauvie Island at
The Pumpkin Patch)

Peddling pumpkins for over 40 years. Pick your perfect pumpkin in one of our many pumpkin patches. Or pick one up in our Pumpkin Patch Market.

The MAiZE at The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island is open for its fifteenth season in 2013. Over 500,000 visitors have attended the annual event at the farm. An outstanding family outdoor activity, visitors test their physical and mental skills in the pathways carved into corn over twelve feet tall.

Our Cornfield MAiZE and Haunted MAiZE are more than aerial pieces of art. Our MAiZE (a five-acre cornfield maze) and our spooky Haunted MAiZE (our spooky trail through a four-acre cornfield haunted path) – offer visitors plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure

The cornfield maze offers the usual exciting physical and mental challenges. The two-phase maze offers an easier warm up to a more challenging second half, with two 16-foot long observation bridges that give visitors a look across the field and stunning panoramic views of Sauvie Island and the mountains in the distance.

Reel Music Festival - 31


Welcome to our 31st edition of Reel Music. We've been on the lookout all year for new worksand timely classicsfor this annual celebration of sound and image, music and culture, and the origins of sounds infused in our experience. Whether your passion is jazz, blues, rock, soul, folk, funk, or punk, we hope you find this mixture of old and new, familiar and strange, to be full of inspiration and discovery.

Overlapping, and part of, Reel Music is "The Hitchcock 9," recent restorations of all of Alfred Hitchcock's surviving early silent films, accompanied by live performance by some of Portland's finest musical talents. As always, our special thanks go to Music Millennium, Willamette Week, Oregon Music News,, MusicFestNW, All Classical Portland, KIND Healthy Snacks, KZME, Walker, KMHD, PDX Pipeline Yelp!, Portland Radio Project and PosterChild McMenamins for helping make it all happen. Enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: All films at The Mission Theater are 21 and over only. The box office opens one hour prior to showtime.

Tapping the Typery Thing

Written by PortlandNeighborhood Guest Writer, Rob Creighton Garrison

How to bust the blank page thingy.

You just do this. Type. Typey-type-type. Sooner or later something will bubble to the surface that is worthy of eyes other than mine.

I realize that this has not yet occurred here. Thanks.

I blame the government shutdown. My brain has ceased operation in sympathy. Obama-tongue reasoning the reasonable reasonings and Boehner-ego NOPE NOPE NOPE. Here it's mumble-mumble and net-surfing for inspiration. Google PORTLAND OREGON. Yes, click 'Images' and look at pictures on the web of the town you live in. Brillian-tuh.

So I'm all AUTUMN IN PORTLAND! No, did that, more than once. MY CATS! Dude, you don't even have to scroll to see you already did that. KIDS! PARKS! BEER!!! Done, done, did. HALLOWEEN? Did a Halloween theme in September. Yes, you did. NAKED BIKE RIDE?? Nudity is always a crowd-pleaser, yes, but that was months and months ago, and you wrote about that, too.


What do YOU want to talk about, dear reader/surfer/scroller? This is honest curiosity here, actually. I'm gonna turn this week's blarg over to you and I'll listen/read for a change.

What is your favorite bar/pub/tavern, or favorite batch of said? I have a few; Muddy Rudder, Horse Brass, Lucky Lab. Maybe you know better? Discuss.

What is your favorite coffee shop? I go to Coava for science and soul, but also like Extracto and Pied Cow for atmo and peeps. Where do you obtain fuel?

What part of town do you live in or visit most? I have eastern sensibilities but y'all in the west have nothin' to be ashamed of. You like Trendy-third? Mississippi? What?

Where do you prefer to seek your peace? Forest Park is church, as I'm sure I've stated here before. Do you instead enter a brick-and-mortar building? (Confession: I have big love for First Unitarian but am determined to take in a service at that magnificent Trinity Episcopal Cathedral!) I enjoy The Grotto too, how about you?

What is your favorite season in Portland? Mine is autumn. Do you suffer the winter doldrums? I almost never do, but I once left Portland because I thought I wouldn't miss the rain and the cloud cover (I was, obviously, wrong).

Did you, like me, come from somewhere else? I once heard a man (jerk) say that the one vital ingredient missing from Portland was Portland-born Portlanders (and yeah he was a jerk but not just for that comment; if you have similar feelings, you have a right to them).

Do you align yourself with a particular thubthet of thitithen? (I'm sorry, I typed that the correct way first but couldn't help changing it. Thufferin' thuckatash! Are you goth? Hipster? Grunge? Just simply very very white like almost everyone else? I'm curious!

Chew on those questions and post your answers, if you would. I gotta go, I have a thing.   

Portland Photo of the Week

Mt Hood Salmon Festival by Earl R Thomas
Mt Hood Salmon and Mushroom Festival - Photo by Earl R. Thomas

Each week we select a member-uploaded photo as the Portland Photo of the Week.  Earl R. Thomas uploaded a series of images from the Mt Hood Salmon and Mushroom Festival.

Upload your photos to the Portland Photo Album for a chance to win a gift certificate to a local Portland bookstore (ahem...Powell's) a coffee shop, or restaurant.

Mt Hood Salmon and Mushroom Festival

Featured Portland Events this Week

Each week, we feature a handful of member-added Portland events to the blog.  You can always add your own Portland events directly to the Portland events calendar.  Visit

2013 Contemporary Northwest Art Awards

September 21, 2013 at 10am to January 12, 2014 at 5pm – Portland Art Museum The Portland Art Museum is pleased to present the 2013 Contemporary Northwest Art Awards, celebrating the artists and creative community in the five-state greater Northwest region. This year’s six ex Organized by Portland Art Museum | Type: exhibition

Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves LIVE From Outer Space - Revival

October 3, 2013 at 7pm to October 12, 2013 at 8:30pm – Post 5 Theatre THE 80s, TEEN, SCI-FI, HORROR, COMEDY SENSATION...LIVE ON-STAGE, ON YOUR PLANET & IN YOUR FACE!! A cabaret-style production featuring sexy cheerleaders, rebellious youth, evil aliens, 80s music, Organized by Steve Coker | Type: theatre, arts, performance, comedy, cabaret

Samurai! Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection

October 5, 2013 at 10am to January 12, 2014 at 5pm – Portland Art Museum Travel back in time and discover remarkable objects that illuminate the life, culture, and pageantry of the samurai, the revered and feared warriors of Japan—from one of the finest and most comprehen Organized by Portland Art Museum | Type: exhibition

SUSAN HOWE - TOM TIT TOT - an exhibition

October 5, 2013 at 3pm to December 5, 2013 at 4pm – Yale Union (YU) SUSAN HOWE TOM TIT TOT October 5–December 6Thursday–Sunday, 12–4pm ReceptionSaturday, October 5, 3pm Our next exhibition, Susan Howe’s first solo show, is comprised of two long poems, one from 2010 Organized by YU | Type: exhibition

Body Opera Files

October 10, 2013 at 7:30pm to October 26, 2013 at 7:30pm – NW Industrial Warehouse, 2448 NW 28th Step into a thrilling work of American Noir with Portland's world renowned dance company, BodyVox. In this revival of the 2009 hit production, Foot Opera Files, character takes center stage as we fol Organized by BodyVox Dance | Type: performance

Reel Music Festival

October 12, 2013 to October 27, 2013Various, see website Reel Music is the Film Center’s annual showcase exploring the lively interplay between sound and image, music and culture. Featuring everything from collections of vintage performance clips to new do Organized by NWFilmCenter | Type: reel music festival

Friends of Jordan Memorial 5K Fun Run & Walk

October 12, 2013 from 10am to 12pm – Forest Grove High School Baby Jordan was diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), which means he was born without any T-cells in his immune system. He contracted many infections and underwent many surgeries, b Organized by Jessi Beyer | Type: memorial, family, fun, run, and, walk

Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves LIVE From Outer Space - Revival

October 12, 2013 from 8pm to 9:30pm – Post 5 Theatre THE 80s, TEEN, SCI-FI, HORROR, COMEDY SENSATION...LIVE ON-STAGE, ON YOUR PLANET & IN YOUR FACE!! A cabaret-style production featuring sexy cheerleaders, rebellious youth, evil aliens, 80s music, Organized by Steve Coker | Type: theatre, arts, performance, comedy, cabaret

Beer Love in the Pearl - A Walking Tour

October 15, 2013 from 11am to 2pm – Portland Breweries - Deschutes, Pints Brewing & Rogue Distillery & Public House Our walking tour is a great way to experience Portland's beer on foot! We visit three different Portland breweries all within easy walking distance in the Pearl District of Portland. Our meeting spot Organized by Brewvana -Portland Brewery Tours | Type: brewery tour

The Best Deals in Portland This Week

Ross Seligman shares five great Portland real estate deals here on the blog each week.  If you're looking to buy a home in Portland, maybe one of these Portland homes for sale is the one for you!

Visit our website where you can contact us and search all Portland metro area homes for sale and real estate from the RMLS, including neighborhood and school information:

1.  3324 NE 45TH AVE Portland, OR 97213



Click The Image To See The Full Listing

2. 2141 NW DAVIS ST Portland, OR 97210



Click The Image To See The Full Listing

3. 1934 SW TERRACE DR Portland, OR 97201



Click The Image To See The Full Listing

4. 4059 N HAIGHT AVE Portland, OR 97227



Click The Image To See The Full Listing

5. 7104 N OATMAN AVE Portland, OR 97217



Click The Image To See The Full Listing

Visit our website where you can contact us and search all Portland metro area homes for sale and real estate from the RMLS, including neighborhood and school information:

We hope you enjoy reading our weekly Portland blog.  Want to see more or less of something?  Let us know!  Once again, thanks for being here and making this Portland website such an asset to the community!  If you love this site as much as we do, tell your friends!  Have a great weekend!

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