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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland November 13 - November 20 2010

Last weekend, we headed to Newport, Oregon and the amazing Portland weather followed us. We spent two days on the coast in November and it was dry and sunny the whole time!  Unbelievable. We had our 16' foot boat an headed out to Alsea Bay in Waldport where the crabbing was to-die-for!  We had three people and each of us caught our limit (12 males, 5 3/4 wide minimum) each day. I loved sitting on the boat and watching the local wildlife - a friendly pelican made a visit to the boat an several seals popped their heads up and went down to the sea floor to investigate our bait but the joke was on them because we were using chicken and seals don't like chicken. Seals are known for being mischievous and bait-stalking - beware if you use fish for bait.

Alsea Bay - Waldport, Oregon

We took our crab booty to the South Beach Fish Market and cooked up our crab in their huge outdoor pots. We had lunch at the fish market and I had the best halibut and chips *ever*.  This was our first visit to the fish market and Alsea Bay and is surely not our last. So, we ended up heading home with nearly fifty Dungeness crab which meant Crab Christmas back here in Portland - all of our seafood loving friends and neighbors got the treat of a few yummy crab.

Questions about crabbing on the Oregon coast?  I am not quite a pro but I bet I can help!  I know how to cook up some awesome crab dishes, too. Check out my Oregon Seafood Bisque recipe. Its incredible!

South Beach Fish Market

Matt was born with crabs instead of hands



Meet Portland's Artists Repertory Theatre


The Portland Photo of the Week

Mark McClure captures the Portland Photo of the Week with this wall mural snapped on his walk to work. Check out his "Walk to Downtown" series.  Nice work, Mark!

Our weekly Portland photo winner gets a gift certificate to a local Portland business of our choosing. Mark will receive a $15 gift certificate to local Portland coffee darling, Coava Coffee Roasters. Portland Monthly says Coava is "the best coffee in Portland. Period." and Imbibe Magazine named Coava as one of the top 10 micro-roasters in the nation.

Come and upload your Portland photos to the Photo Gallery for your chance to win each week.  Check back to see if your photo is selected for a spotlight in the weekly Portland blog! 



Featured Portland Events this Week

Here are the featured Portland events this week focusing on events happening this very weekend!  Thanks to everyone for adding all the great Portland events to the community events calendar.  You can add your own Portland events directly to the events calendar, here.  Just click "Add an Event" and fill in the details.

An Iliad

September 28, 2010 to November 21, 2010  "The Armory" Portland Center Stage Leave it to Tony-award winning actor Denis O’Hare* and visionary director Lisa Peterson to find a way to make the western world’s oldest extant work o


Portland Art Museum - Lee Kelly Exhibition

October 1, 2010 to January 9, 2011  "Portland Art Museum" New exhibition celebrates Lee Kelly October 2, 2010 - January 9, 2011 Lee Kelly chronicles the 50-year career of one of the Pacific No


Wet Nose Soiree

November 13, 2010 from 6pm to 11pm – Portland Art Museum Portland Art Museum—1219 SW Park Ave., Portland The Wet Nose Soirée® is DoveLewis’ largest annual event. Guests at this gala honor the animals we all adore by celebrating the unique bond we share wi


Hip Happening Holiday Art & Craft Bazaar

November 13, 2010 from 11am to 5pm – Sellwood Masonic Temple The holidays are here! Show you care by giving something one-of-a-kind and handmade. Come shop our fabulous local northwest artisans. Support local business and buy handmade!


Whole Foods Holiday Bazaar

November 13, 2010 at 2pm to November 14, 2010 at 6pm – Tanasbourne Saturday, November 13th + Sunday, November 14th Holiday Bazaar 2-6pm Come see all handmade and recycled goodies from Tracyville. You'll find greeting cards, mini journals, notecards, gift tags, book


Wolverine Tracking Project

October 21, 2010 at 7pm to March 31, 2011 at 5pm –Mount Hood Cascadia Wild's Wolverine Tracking Project Spend your days snowshoeing in the winter woods.  Learn how to read the tracks animals have left in the snow.  Carry out surveys for rare carnivores that t



Audubon Society of Portland presents The Lost Bird Project

October 15, 2010 to December 15, 2010  McCall Waterfront A collection of strikingly beautiful sculptures by artist Todd McGrain, The Lost Bird Project honors the lives and loss of five extinct birds. The sculptures are oversized bronze renderings of the Pa



The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World

October 23, 2010 at 10am to January 2, 2011 at 5pm –World Forestry Center The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World Opens October 23! The polar bear — a charismatic icon in the struggle against climate change — faces a precarious future along with other ice



October 28, 2010 at 7:30pm to November 14, 2010 at 9:30pm – Miracle Theatre Group Performances October 28-Nov. 14, 2010 Thursday, Oct. 28, 7:30 p.m., Preview, Friday, Oct. 29, 8 p.m., Opening Night (with complimentary reception catered by La Bamba). Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., Fridays



The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged

November 12, 2010 at 7pm to November 14, 2010 at 7pm – The Shoebox Theatre Three actors. Ninety-seven minutes. All thirty-seven of the Bard’s plays. It’s all here, with large doses of clowning and vaudeville thrown in. This irreverent, hilarious, and lightning-paced overvie



Northwest Food & Wine Festival

November 13, 2010 all day – Memorial Coliseum" Preferred & Grand Wine Tasting" November 13th, Memorial Coliseum 4 - 8 pm preferred guests - an hour more of tasting! 5 - 8 general admission When the doors of the Grand Tasting open at Memorial


Looking for something else? We have a ton of other local Portland events -- check 'em out and feel free to add your own!


A walk to downtown by Mark McClure


Neighborhood Tour: Boise's Mississippi Avenue

The Mississippi Ave neighborhood in Portland can probably best be described as young, urban and hip. The streets are busied with bike traffic, foot-traffic and buses cruising by every few minutes. This area is a hot-spot for the 20-30ish Portland crowd looking for easy access to downtown.  Mississippi has just about everything the average urbanite could need: nearly a dozen great restaurants, great (some nationally famous) coffee shops, a recording studio and live music hall, several bars and pubs and a lot of retail and boutique shops, all independently owned.  A few standouts on the street are Mississippi Studios, Lovely's 50 50, The Crow Bar, Amnesia Brewing, Gravy, Equinox, Por Que No?!, The Fresh Pot, Lorenzo's, Pistils Nursery and Miss Delta. This is a thriving entrepreneurial district- you won't find a Starbucks here and locals will see to it that you don't.

Read more about Mississippi Avenue or find other neighborhoods. We have nearly 100 neighborhood profiles detailing the urban Portland neighborhoods.

Just moved to Portland or planning the move?  Learn about moving to Portland.



November 2010 Portland Oregon Real Estate Report:  What's Happening?

By Ross Seligman

They are a comparison of October 2009 - October 2010 for all of Multnomah County and are taken directly from the RMLS. What follows is my own analysis of these statistics. For our purposes, I thought it best to analyze Multnomah County as a whole. Each neighborhood, however, is a little micro-universe and has its own market. Changing the parameters of the zip codes, price variables, or time periods can lead to very different results. This analysis is of all homes sold in all price ranges in Multnomah County. If you have any questions about specific zip codes, or any questions about the market in general, please reply to this forum with those questions or feel free to contact me at:

Since Portland is a neighborhood city, you can now search by "Irvington, Alberta, etc.". You can check it out by clicking here.

Here is a chart of all homes for sale, pending for sale, and sold in Portland, Oregon for the last 15 months:




We are now in the strongest buyer's market in 15 months.  In October 2010, we see a drop in inventory from September with 3955 homes on the market.  This strong buyer's market means that sellers have to make sure they are doing all of the steps necessary to sell their home.  If you are a seller and have any questions about this, feel free to contact me.  In October 2010, 414 homes sold and 570 are pending for sale.  

Yearly change from October 09 to October 10:

For Sale: 3394 in October 09, 3955 in October 10. Inventory is Up 16.5%

Sold homes: 776 sold in October 09, 414 sold in October 10. Sales are Down 46.6%.

Pending sales: 703 pending for sale in October 09, 570 pending for sale in October 10. Pending sales are down 18.9%.

Chart for average price per square footage:


In the past 15 months, the average price per square foot in Portland, Oregon has been between $136 and $148. In October 2010, the average price per square foot in Portland was $142.

Yearly change from October 09 to October 10:

Average price per square foot in October 09 was $146. In October 10 it is $142. This figure has dropped 2.6%.

Days on market and sold/list price %:


This chart is showing us two things. First, how many days on the market that a home is spending, on average, before being sold. In all of Multnomah County, in all price ranges, a home is taking, on average, 68 days to sell.

The other thing that this chart shows is what percentage of listing price the home, on average, is selling at. This is a great indicator of pressure on prices. In October 2010, sellers were getting, on average, 91% of their original asking price.

Yearly change from October 09 to October 10:

Average time it takes to sell a home in October 09 was 62 days. In October 10, it is 68 days. An increase of time on market of 9.7%. 

The percentage of original listing price that was paid was 94% in October 09 and is 91% in October 10.

Average price for sale vs. average price of sold:

The largest segment of home sales have been in the price range under $400,000. You can see this reflected in the average price of a home that has sold. In October 2010, this figure was $292,000.

Yearly change from October 09 to October 10:

The average price of a home listed in October 09 was $387,000. In October 10, $346,000. This figure has decreased by 10.6%.

The average price of a home sold in October 09 was $285,000. In October 10 it was $292,000 This figure has increased 2.5%.

Months of inventory:

Months of inventory gives a timeline of how long it would take for all of the current listings to sell. Anything above 4 months is considered a buyers market. In October 2010, this figure was 9.6 months based on closed sales. Portland is currently, on average, a strong buyer's market.

This does NOT mean that it will take, on average, 9.6 months for your home to sell. That number was 68 days, remember? It means that, if not a single listing were to come on the market in Multnomah County from this moment, it would take 9.6 months for all available homes to sell before there would be nothing left.

Yearly change from October 09 to October 10:

The months of inventory in October 09 was 4.4 months. In October 10, it is 9.6 months. This figure has increased by 118.4%. 

As I have said before, none of this information matters if you have a particular neighborhood in mind since Portland neighborhoods are their own micro-markets. If you have one in mind to buy or are selling your home, please request a report for that neighborhood and I am happy to post it on this blog or send it to you.

Hey people, I want to know what you think of these reports. Too many stats? Just right? Something missing? Let me know so I can make these more useful for you. What are your thoughts about real estate right now? What do you think of the information in this report? Post to this blog so we can discuss.


View the original article by Portland Realtor and Ecobroker, Ross Seligman.


A Walk on SE 41st by Fasai


Best Real Estate Deals in Portland

Every week, Ross shares with us a selection of the best real estate deals in Portland.  Check out the full list of best deals.

5735 NE 15TH AVE Portland, OR 97211 - Vernon neighborhood- $319,500

See the listing here:

Did you know there are nearly 100 unique Portland neighborhoods?  Read and learn all about these interesting urban communities.


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The Pelican at Alsea Bay - a gentle good fellow


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