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Portland Blog: This Week in Portland, November 20 - 27, 2010

The holidays somehow totally snuck up on me this year and I am just astonished that Thanksgiving is next week!  I guess I was in denial because of our nicer weather in late October and early November.  I was even able to block out the displays of Christmas trees at my local Fred Meyer for the longest time, even though they started putting out ornaments and lights before Halloween was even over.  Happy holidays, Portland.  We wish everyone a wonderful season, however you choose to celebrate it.

This week we got a taste of our good old fashioned torrential downpours, accompanied by wet leaves piled up in the gutters, and miniature rivers of water flowing through the streets of Portland.  We raked our leaves up, and much like washing your car seems to always cause it to rain the next day...I am pretty sure we are to blame for the wind and rain kicking up the very next day, rendering the earlier rake-a-thon pretty much useless.  The sidewalk is once again covered in slippery wet leaves.  Oh well.  Such is autumn in Portland when the rain returns.  

Although it sounds like I am complaining, the truth is that I thoroughly enjoyed the rain on my face and splashing through huge puddles like a little kid.  I think most Portlanders would say they don't mind the rain (at least not for the first few months, anyway).  In fact, the only thing that bugs me about heading into winter is the fact that it seems to be dark when I get up and dark even before I leave to come home from work.  Whether you suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or not, I highly recommend you take your Vitamin D, and get one of those full spectrum lamps (SAD lights) to feel better during our darker months.  If you want to buy a full spectrum man-made "sunshine" lamp, visit Sunlan on Mississippi Avenue.  I don't know why these light bulbs cost so much more than a plain old lamp, but perhaps you must ask yourself the question;  "what price, happiness?" during the long dark winter.  SAD is no laughing matter, unless you are the Portland Mercury, in which case you might enjoy this article which explores alternative treatments.

Downtown Portland on November 17 2010

Downtown Portland, by Angela Higgins - Photo taken at noon on November 17, 2010 (just kidding, it was taken at 6pm)

Featured Portland Events this Week

Here are the featured Portland events this week!  Thanks to everyone for adding all the great Portland events to the community events calendar.  You can add your own Portland events directly to the events calendar, here.  Just click "Add an Event" and fill in the details.

November Featured Artists

November 20, 2010 from 12pm to 3pm – Downtown Meet the Artists series will feature the art from 5 artists monthly. November's Featured Artists Opening will be held on Saturday, Nov. 20th you're invited to come by, check out the gallery, hear and… Organized by Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery

Schoolhouse Rock

November 18, 2010 at 9:30am to November 21, 2010 at 2pm – Hillsboro, The Venetian Beaverton/Hillsboro, Oregon. CYT Beaverton is proud to announce their first stage production; a pop culture phenomenon! Join Tammy, a nerve-wracked school teacher nervous about her first day of teach… Organized by Lauren Bowen 

Sophisticated Beads Holiday Jewelry Event

November 20, 2010 from 10am to 5pm – Monarch Hotel & Conference Center Sophisticated Beads is having our biggest event of the year! Holiday shoppers will find the perfect gift for somebody special on their list that can be treasured for years to come. Enjoy FREE parkin… Organized by Lea McWhorter  

Wild Arts Festival 2010

November 20, 2010 at 10am to November 21, 2010 at 5pm – Montgomery Park Atrium and Ballroom The Wild Arts Festival celebrates nature in the work of regionally and nationally-known artists and writers. Now in its 30th year in Portland, the Festival has become the northwest’s premier show and… Organized by Portland Audubon Society 

Stephen Hough Plays Liszt

November 20, 2010 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm – Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Count on plenty of fireworks when British pianist Stephen Hough returns to tackle the flamboyant First Piano Concerto of Franz Liszt. Then the heat turns up even higher as Carlos Kalmar and the orche… Organized by Kelly Vanderzanden

Stage Left Lost

November 4, 2010 at 7:30pm to November 21, 2010 at 2pm – Imago Theatre The behind-the-scene thriller Stage Left Lost Nov 4 to 21 at Imago Theatre, 17 SE 8th Avenue. Thurs thru Sat @ 7:30, Sun @ 2:00, Tickets are $10 Thu/Sun, $12 Fri/Sat. Call 503.231.9581 or www.ticket… Organized by Imago Theatre

Walls of Heritage, Walls of Pride: African American Murals

November 17, 2010 at 10am to February 13, 2011 at 5pm – Oregon Historical Society African Americans have a long-standing, but little known, mural tradition. Denied access to mainstream museums and galleries, venues within the Black community became showcases for images of the comm… Organized by Rachel Butler  

Portland Art Museum - Lee Kelly Exhibition

October 1, 2010 to January 9, 2011 – "Portland Art Museum" New exhibition celebrates Lee Kelly October 2, 2010 - January 9, 2011 Lee Kelly chronicles the 50-year career of one of the Pacific No… Organized by Portland Art Museum.

Audubon Society of Portland presents The Lost Bird Project

October 15, 2010 to December 15, 2010 – McCall Waterfront A collection of strikingly beautiful sculptures by artist Todd McGrain, The Lost Bird Project honors the lives and loss of five extinct birds. The sculptures are oversized bronze renderings of the Pa…  

The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World

October 23, 2010 at 10am to January 2, 2011 at 5pm – World Forestry Center The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World Opens October 23! The polar bear — a charismatic icon in the struggle against climate change — faces a precarious future along with other ice… Organized by Amber Morrison


The Portland Photo of the Week

And, onto our weekly Portland photo winner: Christmas Valley by Fasai.  Fasai shares a lot of beautiful photos of Portland on the site, and she also is one of the featured artists today at the Meet the Artists series Downtown.  If you're out and about in Downtown Portland today, be sure to drop by and say hello to Fasai!   Thanks to everyone for uploading photos this week, drop by and visit the photo album for the latest.  

Did you know you can upload photos directly to the website from your cell phone?  You can - just visit the photos upload page and make note of the email address listed for sending photos via cell:  put that address in your phone, and then the next time you are out and about in Portland and see something photo worthy, you can share it on the spot!

Our weekly photo contest winner receives a gift certificate to one of our favorite new coffee spots in town, Coava Coffee Roasters.  Locals and coffee aficionados from all over have been saying that Coava is the best coffee roaster in Portland right now.  They were named one of the top ten micro-roasters in America by Imbibe Magazine in the March 2010 issue. Their new cafe is a "tasting room" for their roastery. Learn more about Coava Coffee Roasters.

Come and upload your Portland photos to the Photo Gallery for your chance to win each week.  Check back to see if your photo is selected for a spotlight in the weekly Portland blog! 



Portland Blog, Forum Chatter & More

Below are the discussions posted on the Portland forum and Portland blog this month.  

Want to add your own two cents to the Portland blog?  Please do!  But please remember to keep it real and community focused. Read our terms of use and don't spam the planet with self promoting material or weird stuff as it will just get deleted.  We have a zero spammer policy to keep the site valuable and hassle free for our members.  Thanks!

Andrea Bennett

Where to Live in Portland

Hi everyone,   My husband and I are moving to Portland in the next year.  We are looking for information on the different neighborhoods and…

Started by Andrea Bennett

Cami Petzinger

Moving to Portland from So Cal

My Husband and I have been wanting to move to Portland or the surrounding areas for a few years now but have not yet made the leap. We're i…

Started by Cami Petzinger

carol a keller

pittsburgh to portland

Im Staying at Hotel Modera. which is sw clay st. trying to figure out what in the area and where I should go. Im a big fan of really good b…

Started by carol a keller

Jenna Peterson

College Student Renting an Apartment

I'm going to be coming out to Portland next summer just for a couple months and am wondering where a fun, place to live would be that I cou…

Started by Jenna Peterson

Marc Rosewood

Looking for some Heavy Music next weekend

In for the weekend Nov. Fri 19th & Sat 20th. Looking for some high energy music (concerts?) and dancing. Any suggestions?

Started by Marc Rosewood

April Wolfe

Girl needs a new neighborhood

Hello out there.  Wondering if I could get any advice.  I'm looking for a new neighborhood that would encompass most of my lifestyle, that…

Started by April Wolfe


Where can we watch HBO Pay-Per-View Boxing in PDX?

Hi Everyone,   Hope this is the right place to post this. Can anyone tell me of any bars/restaurants in PDX or the burbs that show boxing o…

Started by Lindsay

David Mitchell

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Like several others here I want to move to Portland.  I also want to reduce my carbon footprint.  For me part of that means urban living in…

Started by David Mitchell



  Woodstock Neighborhood -  Portland Real Estate Market Report

By Ross Seligman

Woodstock Neighborhood Real Estate Report

Woodstock is a lovely area of Portland with many nice older homes tucked into quiet neighborhood streets. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Portland with
some of the homes being built in the 1880's.  To learn more about Woodstock, click here.

In my monthly Portland real estate report, I always talk about how each individual neighborhood is a micro-market. If you are looking to buy or sell in a particular neighborhood, the most crucial information that you need to know is what is going on in that neighborhood. In this situation, the overall Portland market report is less important and the national real estate report is just about useless. This posting is a real estate report for the Woodstock neighborhood of all homes in all price ranges. Feel free to request particular neighborhoods in which you are interested in buying or
selling and I am be happy to do a report, just contact me on this forum or at

If you are looking for homes in Woodstock, visit this link where you can search for homes by particular neighborhood: Click Here

The first thing you will notice about individual neighborhoods as compared to the overall Portland reports are that the numbers can be wildly different month to month. Basically, the bigger the pool of data you are working with, the smoother the stats become. As we focus on smaller areas, many
different things can happen month to month.

On to the report:

Here is the overall chart of inventory, sold, and pending for the Woodstock neighborhood from 8/09 to 10/10:

In October 2010, there were 38 closed sales, 52 pending sales, and 322 homes on the market in the Woodstock Neighborhood.

One year change from October 2009 to October 2010:

Inventory (how many homes on the market for sale): Up 36.4%
Homes sold: Down 47.9%
Homes pending sale: Down 34.2%

Chart for average price per square footage:

In the past 15 months, the average price per square footage in the Woodstock neighborhood has been between $122 and $145/sq. ft. In October 2010, the average price per square foot in the
Woodstock neighborhood was $122. 

One year change from October 2009 to October 2010:

Change in Price Per Square Foot:
October 2009: 143
October 2010: 122
Percentage Change: Down 15%

Days on Market, Sold/List Price:

This chart is showing us two things. First, how many days on the market that a home is spending, on average, before being sold. In October 2010, the average time on market for a home in the Woodstock neighborhood was 58 days.

The second thing that this chart is showing you is what percentage of the listing price the owners actually are getting when the house is sold.  This is a great indication of the pressure on prices.  In October 2010, sellers in Woodstock received, on average, 92% of their original listing price.

More stats for you:

Change from October 2009 to October 2010:

Time on Market: Up 65.7%
Sold/List price% difference: Down 6%

Average price for sale vs. average price of sold:

This chart shows us what the average listing was and what the average sale was. In October 2010, the average price of a house on the market in Woodstock was $209,000. The average sale
was $193,000.

More stats over one year:

Average active price: Down 7.1%
Average sold price:  Down 9%

Months of Inventory:

Months of inventory gives a time line of how long it would take for all of the current listings to sell. Anything above 4 months is considered a buyers market. This figure is a good indicator of supply and demand.  October 2010 in the Woodstock neighborhood was a buyer's market with 8.5 months of inventory.

By the way, This does NOT mean that it will take 8.5 months for your home to sell. That figure was, on average, in October 58 days.  Inventory is a figure that means that, if not another home were to come on the market in Woodstock from this point forward, in 8.5 months there would not be
another home to sell.  They would all be sold.

Visit my website where you can contact me and search all Portland Metro Area listings from the RMLS:


Best Real Estate Deals in Portland this Week

Every week, Ross shares with us a selection of the best real estate deals in Portland.  Here is this week's featured listing.

5.  6620 SE 48TH AVE Portland, OR 97206 - Brentwood - $225,000

See the listing here:


Take a peek at all the best Portland real estate deals this week.

Did you know there are nearly 100 unique Portland neighborhoods?  Read and learn all about these interesting urban communities.


Powell's Bookstore Picks

We love Powells! (and what respectable Portlander doesn't?)

Portland Book Review of the Day

Portland eBooks

Powell's Author Interviews

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