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Portland Events Blog: This Week in Portland, November 23, 2013

Hello, Portlanders. Brrr, this week has been brisk but beautiful outside. Instead of the usual November rains dumping on us, we're having a nice treat with a whole stretch of sunny days ahead this week. Today marks the season opening of several ski lifts at Timberline and Mount Hood Meadows. We haven't had much snow yet, so conditions are "early season", but it's exciting to gear up for another winter of fun on the mountain.

Mount Hood Meadows Preview Weekend


Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort will run the Cascade Express high speed quad on its Preview Weekend Saturday and Sunday. The Daisy lift, Buttercup and the Ball Room Carpet are also scheduled to operate from 9 - 4 each day. Resort officials expect two runs off of Cascade - the popular Boulevard and Gulch runs - will be open, but caution that the runs are narrow, with a thin snowpack. It is not the same wide open experience Cascade is known for, but it will add more advanced terrain. Cascade takes riders up to the 7,300 foot level, for awesome views and longer runs than the lower lifts.

The Preview Weekend lift price remains at $29 for adults, which includes up to four 14 and under lift passes for free!

Unlimited season pass holders can use their passes - pass holder services will be open by 8 AM for picture taking and issuing new passes. Midweek+ pass holders can go direct to lift this weekend and be auto-charged the $29. 10 Time Pass holders can use their passes, but it will take one of the days. And Meadows Club Card holders can use their pass but it will use up their first free day (so you might want to purchase the $29 lift pass).

Thanksgiving at Timberline Lodge


On Thanksgiving Day we welcome friends and family who gather to honor this day of thanks with a bountiful feast. While the snow falls our chef’s will be serving a memorable multi-course meal from 1pm -7pm. Guests will be seated in the award winning Cascade Dining Room and Main Lobby Headhouse. Reservations are required and can be made beginning October 1st by calling or Holiday Reservation Desk @ 503-272-3267. Pricing and menu information coming soon!


Marquam Trail

Photos by Michael Barton

Marquam Trail

Marquam Trail

Giving Thanks

By Rachel Carlson

So then, here we go with the FEASTING holiday shortly upon us. I thought I would feature this prior to the impending holiday as most of us are already planning where to go, where to be, what to eat and so forth based on holiday traditions, family/friend gatherings, napping, watching sports, eating again, napping, dessert, more sports and so on. As a two year nomad I decided to embark on newer traditions this year since I am going through transition. AHEM, this is not an article to feel sorry for me, invite me over for dinner feasting or the like. It's simply a way to share with you a few alternatives on what you, your family and friends might consider instead. OR if you have no where to go, get YOURSELF out the door, explore and see what you might enjoy instead of the predetermined expectations.

photo credit:

As I did my research for information on a city that I'm still new to in regards to providing information to the masses I was quite surprised to learn that our city offers a lot of super cool things to do for the holidays. After all I have been privy to participating in some of them these past two years but not just yet for the FEASTING holiday.

First up, where to find all the good deals on well, FOOD of course:

photo credit: FrugalLivingNW

I recently discovered whilst researching healthcare for the non-covered individual that I am as well as preparing myself for 2014 decisions with the laws changing FINALLY (THANK GOODNESS)....stay tuned for a future article on 'Cover Oregon' insurance options.

If you live in the Northwest, PLEASE go peruse the website which is FILLED with plenty of information on frugal living, best deals in the city, coupons, recipes and SO MUCH MORE. Kudos Angela for running and maintaining a site that is full of USEFUL information. WHEW.

I'll get the embarrassing part out of the way...when I FIRST moved here I was taken on my FIRST grocery shopping endeavor. At NEW SEASONS for crying out loud. I know, I know....I'm a frugal, LOW budget nomad after all. I came from the land of Safeway, Albertson's and my MOST favorite, loved and adored H.E.B. from Texas....oh how I miss the land of H.E.B. --insert digression or not.

ANYWAY, all that aside, I thought that NEW SEASONS was 'the' place to go, the place to be and so forth. WELL, if you are lucky to have a healthy budget, then sure, no problem.....go right ahead with your bad self and shop at New Seasons, Zupan's or heck even Whole Foods....more power to you. WELL, I NOW reserve New Season as a 'special' place to shop, a 'treat' in fact. Boy do I love 'treating' myself to New Seasons when and if I am able. And after driving all over town to find other more affordable places I feel much better about things...that said, did you know that it's very common for Portlanders to drive to several different places to find good deals on food?! I am not making this up people, true story!! All that aside, click the link below and find out where the best deals are to get your feasting fixins' for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans...because you 'can' find all of that too at such places.

Now then, "WHERE" to eat if you decide to break tradition:

I found this very nice list on Portland Food and Drink. After all, we are a city proud of its eats, some of the best chefs live and work here and WELL, I'm just a foodie at heart. I'm going to try really hard to 'treat' myself to one of these outings perhaps...we shall see if it's in the cards for me this year.

The one that caught my interest was this one, it sounds TRULY Pacific Northwest'ish' after all:


"Imperial will serve an exciting Thanksgiving menu for the second year in a row this November 28. The perfect opportunity to eat turkey a little differently this year, Imperial will offer the Thanksgiving menu right alongside a few of Imperial’s most popular items. The special menu will mirror the regular offerings and the concept at Imperial—seasonal ingredients and classic dishes, served with Pacific Northwest style.

Highlights from the Thanksgiving menu include appetizers such as the Oregon Dungeness Crab and Shrimp Imperial served with toast, Duck Meatballs with Moyer prunes, aromatic spices and orange gremolata, and Kale and Raw Vegetable Salad with sunflower seed brittle and goat cheese dressing. From the wood-fired grill and rotisserie, entrees include the Carlton Farms Bone in Pork Chop with romesco and grilled leeks, the Lamb Loin Chop and Belly with warm freekeh salad and green sauce, and the traditional Roasted Turkey Dinner with spit roasted breast, smoked leg meat, oyster stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberries."
 410 SW Broadway Portland, Oregon 97205. For reservations and information call (503)228-7222

**Wonder if they offer sleep pads and pillows for napping post feasting...good thing I travel with one.

Check out the link for other locations on 'where to eat' out, HECK click the link just to drool all over your screen if needed....I advise you to wear a bib, you've been warned:

Thanksgiving Feasting - Where to eat in Portland via Portland Food ...

Finally, I share a different kind of simply GIVE and to be thankful for what you have by giving back to community. Volunteer work is something I've been very thankful to be a part of. Even during the holidays. In fact, the holidays being top priority for me to do as such. I am continuously humbled by simply taking time out of my crazed, uncertain and fast forward life to simply making it special for someone else. Many know and I have professed over and over again, I'm not happy unless I'm helping people. THIS is what makes me who I am today. To help feed a family for the holiday. To deliver meals to people that cannot leave their homes. Whatever it might be, do your best to participate to something such as this. And not just during the holidays.

A few ideas:

Hands On Portland

Give n' Gobble - Thanksgiving Run/Walk and Food Drive

Meals on Wheels

Donate Dinner to a homebound senior

How To Feed the Homeless on Thanksgiving in Portland

In closing, I simply wanted to say that I am THANKFUL to Portland, how it embraced me and how it continues to hold me safe and tight.

Happy day of THANKS ahead!!


Rachel Carlson

...notes from a nomad.

Portland Photo of the Week

Council Crest

Council Crest by Michael Barton

Each week we select a member-uploaded photo as the Portland Photo of the Week.  Michael Barton takes it again with another great photo, this one taken from Council Crest Park.

Council Crest Park


Council Crest is thought to be the highest point in Portland at 1,073 feet above sea level. Originally known as Talbot's Mountain after its pioneer settlers, it has also been known as Glass Hill and later as Fairmount, the name of the road that encircles it. According to legend, Council Crest got its name because it was here where Native Americans held meetings and built signal fires. According to McArthur's Oregon Geographic Names, however, it was named in 1898 by delegates to the National Council of Congregational Churches, who met on the top.

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Marquam Trail

Photo by Michael Barton

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