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Portland Movie Theaters

If you are searching for Portland Movie Theaters, you have come to the right place.  Portland is known for being different.  Bumper stickers proudly proclaim: Keep Portland Weird!  So, why would we have normal movie theaters then?  Answer:  We don't.


Keeping it 'Beered', Portland Style

Order a pizza and a pitcher of some great beer and nestle into an old couch...sound like you're at home?  Almost.  You're probably at McMenamins enjoying one of their many movie theater pubs.  It costs three bucks to get in (as opposed to ten dollars at a big box movieplex) and you get to relax with some good food and a beer. 

The Baghdad Theater is probably the most well known "beer theater" and for good reason. This stunning theater is a real old world cinema saved from an untimely death by McMenamins. 

The Kennedy School Theater is a locals favorite as well.  As the name suggests, Kennedy School is a former elementary school and its enormous.  You could easily spend an afternoon here-- from the soaking pool, to the cigar bars, to the game room and yep, you guessed it, to the movie theater.  The Kennedy School is located in NE Portland in the Concordia neighborhood. 

Other great McMenamins movie theaters are The Mission Theater in downtown PDX and the St Johns Theater in the St Johns neighborhood. 

Want a theater of the non-McMenamins variety?  Try the Laurelhurst Theatre.  Several screens of all sizes are showing current and classic movies.  Beer and pizza is served here, too. 

Outside of that, we have the SE favorite, the Hollywood Theatre, for an old school classic theater pick specializing in indie and classic films.

Downtown Portland's The Living Room Theater 'caters to all your senses' and is another great option for those of you looking to mix it up. Specializing in indie films, casual cuisine and a full bar. 


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