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Portland Seafood

Portland Seafood - A visit to the Oregon coast could not be complete without sampling the areas seafood delights which the northern Pacific coast is famous for. The variety is extraordinary and with the vast numbers of Portland seafood markets and restaurants, Oregon's famous Pacific Northwest seafood is a must-have experience. There are literally hundreds of local fisherman and fishing businesses heading out every day of the year to catch those tasty morsels that are served up by some of the top seafood restaurants in Oregon. The industry is perhaps the biggest on the Oregon coastline and as such, you'll find a whole variety of different seafood dishes and products available. From the bigger cities to the small fishing villages, you'll find seafood markets and restaurants in most every neighborhood and area.

The South Beach Fish Market is famous for their seafood


Portland Seafood: Restaurants

The number of different species and resultant dishes are as diverse as the Oregon coastline itself. Some of the most famous seafood is salmon, of course, so it should come as no surprise to find restaurants serving up all sorts of salmon dishes.

Another popular Portland seafood dish is halibut, also served in a wide variety of menu choices, and one of the Oregon coast's main fishes used in their popular fish and chips dish.

No seafood menu is complete without crab and Oregon caught crab is some of the best in the country. It's no secret that the crab is king and thanks to the abundance of Dungeness crabs along the Oregon coast, is a locals favorite - usually always fresh, never frozen. The way in which the crab is served differs from restaurant to restaurant, and crab lovers will delight in the many different dishes available.

Dungeness crab from Alsea Bay in Newport, Oregon

Shrimp is one of America's favorite seafood dishes, and the connoisseurs out there will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of shrimp and shrimp meat on offer. Oregon's coast is also rife with oysters and steamer clams, and clam chowder is a Portland seafood dish that is truly a local staple. The quality and variety of chowders available along the coastline is incredible and is a must have part of the coastline's cuisine experience.

Troll caught albacore is a highly prized member of the Oregon seafood industry. Albacore is part of the tuna family of fish, but is the only tuna which is allowed to sold as white meat. It has a mild but very unique flavor, and is also available in a wide range of menu choices in seafood and coastline restaurants.


Portland Seafood: Fresh and local

Not only can you sample the delights of the Oregon coastline in any one of the many seafood restaurants and eateries, but you can buy this local produce yourself from a huge number of local fish markets. Most every variety of fish and seafood available in the Portland seafood restaurants is also available in the local fish markets. These markets and stores usually family-owned and operated businesses.

A popular recreational and commercial fishing bay just outside of South Beach, Oregon

You'll find these markets and stores dotted up and down the coastline, all offering up the finest seafood produce the northwest waters have to offer. If you're in the right place at the right time, you'll actually see their stock unloaded from the fishing boats and trawlers, and delivered right into the stores themselves, and that's as fresh as fresh can be! Being able to cook up this quality seafood for yourself is highly satisfying -- additionally, you can get plenty of ideas by taking a look at some of the seafood restaurant menus.

The Oregon coast takes pride in it's seafood industry, and having the bounty of the sea almost jump straight from the ocean and onto your plate, makes this a seafood experience not to miss. Not only should you sample what's on offer in the larger cities on the coastline, but venture out to some of the smaller fishing villages tucked away along the coast, and try the local seafood cuisines and menus on offer.

Looking for some great Portland seafood restaurants? Look no further!



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