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Do you love Portland? So do we! We would love to hear your favorite news, information, or facts about your favorite Portland neighborhoods. Tell us your insider's view of each neighborhood. You can write about just about anything (subject to our editorial review process*).

Just write and send us your article (between 400-1000 words, as a general guideline)

Here are just a few ideas of things you might write about:

  • Your favorite places in Portland 
  • Your favorite neighborhood hangouts 
  • Secret Portland places
  • Best neighborhood walks 
  • Best neighborhood shopping 
  • Best neighborhood dining
  • Etc. 
Each week we will select the best submissions for a prize!

All submissions will be reviewed, and if accepted and posted on our site, you will get full recognition (your name, and website address if you have one). 


Articles and stories work better with pictures! Please upload your article photos separately to our Portland Photo Album page, and send us your article about Portland by submitting the form, below.  We will combine your photos and pictures when we post your article to the site. 

Copyright laws - Please only submit original content that you have written and don't submit something under copyright from another source.  

Your Privacy is Important to Us  - We will not share your personal email address,  mailing address, or other information.  We use this information simply to contact you to follow up, and to send your gift certificate if you are the weekly winner.  Be sure to use a legitimate email address so we can reach you.    Thanks.

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*Editorial Review Process - We will review articles and make sure they are "on topic" for Portland, Oregon.  We maintain the exclusive right to accept or reject articles based on our judgement.  No profanity, slander/libel, or otherwise inappropriate content will be accepted.  We reserve the right to make edits to articles in order to structure them to fit our website template, and to correct any grammatical or spelling errors.

Please don't use this form simply to self promote your business.  Writing about your favorite Portland businesses is just fine, but we want to share content that has a broad interest to Portlanders, so please don't just submit advertisements.  If you would like to place an ad, please contact us.  Thank you.

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