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Valentines Day Portland

Valentines Day Portland:  As Valentines Day draws near, we are busy little PDX cupids compiling the best list of romantic places to take your sweetie.  From romantic hikes, to excellent places to wine and dine your doe-eyed love, we'll have it all for you here on our Valentines Day Portland Guide written by locals. Check out our Portland Valentines Events page, too.


Valentines Day Portland - Most Romantic Places

The real romantic knows its about the day-- not just the meal.  That's why we have compiled a list of the most romantic places in and around Portland.  These are intended to be day or partial day trips.  If you are seeking a weekend getaway, jump down to 'Valentines Day Portland - Romantic Getaways'.

Forest Park   We can hardly imagine a more enchanting inner city park.  You might get a little muddy but hey, you'll plan in advance to ensure there's time for sprucing up, right?  This park is stunning from all angles and will invigorate your senses. 

The Japanese Garden  This is hands down one of the most romantic, spectacular places in Portland.  With breathtakingly gorgeous garden and city views, this would make one helluva place to propose. 

Multnomah Falls  Drive out into the Oregon gorge about 30 minutes and enjoy the majestic wonder that is Multnomah Falls.  Grab some cider to warm your hands and hearts and just take it all in.  Nearby you'll find other impressive delights such as Horsetail Falls. 

The Chinese Garden  Smack dab in the middle of downtown Portland is an amazing Chinese Garden.  You'll feel as though you have one toe in 'real life' and another in a far, far away magical world. The attention to every-single-detail will overwhelm you. 

Eagle Creek  Start the day early and head out into the gorge and hike a few hours at the simply stunning Eagle Creek.  The views are incredible in every way.  At the end of your journey, hop The Bridge of the Gods and head into sleepy Stevenson, Washington to the Walking Man Brewery.  This is a great place for a snack and a few beers before you head back to Portland.


Valentines Day Portland- Romantic Getaways

Timberline Lodge  From our perspective, it doesn't even matter if you ski.  The Timberline Lodge is warm, cozy and very romantic. Head up for an afternoon or stay the night in vintage lodge style.

The Ocean Lodge  This is as good as it gets, folks.  Stunning views of the Pacific and a wonderful beach to walk and explore. This place is spendy but its worth every penny.  Romance!  Don't forget to hike the nearby Ecola State Park.

Oregon State Parks has a slew of romantic options for you from yurts to private cabins.  We highly recommend checking them out.

The Inn at Arch Rock has some of the best views around.  The accommodations are very economical and more practical than lush.

For a Very Portland Experience, stay at the Ace Hotel in downtown PDX.  You'll be enjoying some of the most hip and eclectic accommodations the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  The Clyde Commons is located within a stones throw for superb dining options.


Valentines Day Portland- Best Restaurants

This is our hand picked list of the most romantic Valentines Day restaurants Portland has to offer.  You'll want to plan ahead and book a reservation for any of these restaurants.  Valentines Day is Sunday, February 14th.  Its never too early to call and secure your table!

Higgins - Just a few blocks from the Portland Art Museum, Higgins is old school romance and class.  If she has pearls, she'll love the fact she has a place to wear them!  The food is divine -- especially the heirloom tomato salad. 

The Farm  The Farm is romantic and wonderful in a more understated way than say, Belly Timber.  But don't get us wrong -- this place is soft and intimate and you'll love it.  The food is always fresh, always perfect.

Paleys Place  Ah, Paleys. Simply wonderful.  Another gem set in a Victorian home-- you'll adore the food and the atmosphere.

Portland City Grill  Two words.  Unparalleled view.  Portland City Grill is on the 30th floor of the Big Pink in downtown Portland. The food is amazing and the view of downtown Portland and Mt Hood will steal anyone's heart. 

East India Company  Incredible food in a very pretty downtown restaurant with super high ceilings and well adorned surroundings. We recommend getting a booth where you'll incubated and totally private. 

Lucy's Table  Oooh, Lucy's Table.  Pure romance.  Make sure to arrive early enough to find a place to park in this very busy neighborhood in NW Portland.  You'll love the lush romance that is Lucy's Table. 

The Sapphire Hotel   Sexy-- dead sexy!  The Sapphire is, by all accounts, perhaps the most sexy place Portland has to offer. Intimate, warm and off the hook romantic.  Food and drinks are amazing, too. 

3 Doors Down Cafe  The last time we were here, we felt transported to Italy or perhaps just another world. It was a magical night where the food was perfect and the wine was to die for.

Ringside Steakhouse  This place is old school and charming in every single way.  If it were 1950, you'd take your sweetie here and it would be a perfect fit for both of you.  Masculine and feminine in all the right ways. Old curvy bricks line the fireplace, the atmosphere is wine linen and dimly lit, the food is delectable.

Valentines Day Portland- Other Helpful Tips

Our Valentines Day Portland Guide would not be complete without a few extras:

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